Irene and David’s wedding was very unique… I recap on the day, it’s hard to put your finger on any one thing that made it so unique, but it was a collection of amazing music, dance and energy which makes it really stick out in my memory….plus it was in the wonderful Clayton Hotel in Galway
David is a professional singer while Irene is a professional dancer……and when the two of them became one….well the combustion was powerful!!
David’s Stag party took place in London…and a clip of him and his mates having an impromptu sing song went viral….clip can be viewed here
Irene’s preparations took place in the excellent Clayton Hotel in Galway. I’m always a bit nervous on wedding days and maybe somewhat more so when I haven’t met the couple that I’m working with. My mind was put at ease straight away when I bumped in to the uber professional, friendly, courteous and can’t help you enough wedding co-coordinator that is Karina!

Wedding Morning in the Clayton Hotel

En route to Irene’s preparations, I bumped into Karina and she was so enthused about Irene and David and how nice they were and how good the day was going to be….she was 100% correct!
Irene was accompanied by her bridesmaids Aisling, Lorraine and Sharon as well as her mum Ann….and her dad Michael popped in every now and again and I enjoyed the chin wags with him….Michael being from Connemara, we shot the breeze quite a lot about this majestic part of Ireland.
All of the girls were upbeat and exceptionally positive…enjoying each others company, and indeed some nervous excitement about that the day had in store for them.

Wedding ceremony St Columba’s Church Castlegar

After enjoying the banter with the ladies for their preparations, I made the short journey to Castlegar Church where I met up with David and his groomsmen Michael, Derek and Anthony. Great guys who were equally as happy out as the ladies….when running off a few shots of them prior to the guests arriving, we mimicked a set up from his local pub where one of the locals is always giving out that “your finished” when you put the ring on the finger…well very conscious of doing that, (and very happily doing so), David and the lads took time out to jest about their friends opposite views on same. This is where I also bumped into Ivan from Wedding Wonders who was looking after the video side of things…gentleman to work with!
The ceremony in Castlegar was set yo start at 1.30pm but it was almost 2pm when Fr Michael get things underway….in the back of my mind when things like that happen, I’m conscious of times and indeed what time we’ll be arriving back at the hotel before the bell is rung for the meal…always wanting the couples to have “chill out” time with their family and friends before the meal.
The ceremony was amazing…with the music being a huge highlight for me. Obviously with the profession that he’s in, David has well accomplished friends in the indusrty…be they singers or musicians and the music that reverberated in the church on their wedding day will stay with me for a long time….it was so good in actual fact that two standing ovations were given for same during the ceremony. I was back in the church a few weeks after Irene and David’s wedding and Fr Michael and Eddie (Sacristan) were quick to remind me of how special the music was that day……amazing stuff David and hat’s off to everyone that played different roles for same…truly awesome!
When mass was over, and guests were shaking hands and congratulating the newlyweds, a traditional session took place right beside the couple…wonderful to come out of the church and hear a lively outdoor session amidst the April sunshine…and indeed watching the two mothers Teresa and Ann having a bit of a jig to it all….wonderful energy made much more enjoyable by the fact that it was all naturally happening!

Wedding Photos in the Claddagh & Quay Street.

We were almost up to 4pm when we were finished the family portraits which we took on sight and I was delighted that David made the executive decision to go into Galway and the Spanish Arch/Quay Street area for some photographs. I was a bit bit nervous time wise as there was a Connacht/Leinster Rugby match on in Galway too and I was afraid that they would spend a large part of their wedding day in a traffic jam! David mentioned that whatever photos were taken that day, they would be looking at them for the rest of their lives so I was so happy with his ethos and outlook on same….he din’t need to be cajoled into doing anything photography wise…it all came from within.
We were so lucky with the traffic……bizarrely we made in it very quickly and did a s hoot in the Claddagh as well as going for a walk up Quay Street where Irene and David had their “first dance” as husband and wife….all pretty cool stuff to witness and observe at close quarters!

Wedding Reception in the Clayton

We were very lucky again getting little traffic on our journey back to the Clayton (somebody was looking down on you David) and it allowed Irene and David time to chill out with their family and friends. Irene didn’t do much chilling out however as there was a session and some dancing taking place in the foyer of the hotel…all professional dancers throwing all sorts of energetic shapes that was truly superb to witness and record. I remember the energy being through the roof at one stage…and indeed looking around and seeing the stairwell full of hotel staff as well as wedding and hotel guests all reaching for vantage points to see Irene and her dancing buddies doing their thing….moments that I’ll remember for a long time to come.
Thanks so much David and Irene for trusting me with your wedding photography….it’s a massive understatement to say that I enjoyed your day….anyone who was involved with it had a ball…I can guarantee you that!
Wishing you both every success in the future and please God we’ll cross paths somewhere down the road again!

Photos from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

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