I wish I paid more attention in school with regards to the Irish language! I love listening to it being spoken and annoyed with myself for not being in a position to hold a conversation in Irish fluently! My wife speaks it and indeed my daughter is just after being awarded a Fáinne in school (fluent Irish speaker) so I feel I’m letting the family down! The reason I mention this is because Sharon and Micheál are from the Galeltacht area and their families speak the kind of Irish that you’d listen to all day long!

Wedding Morning in Inverin Co Galway

Sharon’s preparations took place in her home place in Inverin…beautiful rugged landscape within Connemara. Upon arriving, I was pleasantly surprised with how relaxed her parents Tommy and Bríd were regarding the camera….Tommy in particular didn’t shy away from it and indeed we had chin wagged quite a bit on wedding morning while the ladies were getting ready. Fair play to the bridesmaids, the two Deirdre’s and the two Roisín’s for making the morning a fun one with no stresses or dramas….indeed they were great ladies for any bridesmaid to have around them on wedding day…indeed they add to the whole event with their positive and helpful attitude!
Sharon used a charismatic campervan for her bridesmaids to travel to the church in and it was lovely to bump into Mike from Costelloe cars who was driving them…such a gentleman who can’t do enough for others on wedding day….it’s great to be around people like him on wedding days.

Wedding Ceremony St Mary’s Church The Claddagh

Micheál and his crew of Kevin, Ronan, Padraic and David were matching the bridesmaids for PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) on wedding day and gave me the couple of minutes required to run off some shots before the ladies arrived punctually. When You have guys that are as helpful as the groomsmen, less energy is spent trying to cajole them into things and I think the day simply flows better when everyone is enjoying the buzz and not sweating the small stuff….it helps mind you when they’re all good people too like Sharon and Micheál’s bridal party. A person once said to me , “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”….well going on their bridal party, Sharon and Micheál are two super people.
I’m not sure who the musicians were on wedding day, but the trad combination through out was nothing short of awesome….actually it was distractedly awesome it was so good!
After the ceremony, we used the beautiful old Galway landscape of the Claddagh which is right on the doorstep of the church for photos before Sharon and Micheál made a brief stop on the Prom in Salthill our way back to the Salthill Hotel.

Wedding Reception Salthill Hotel

We took a lot of extended family images back at the hotel and i enjoyed the banter and craic with family and friends while doing same. The bell was rung for the meal after a while and we all retired to the function room to welcome in the newlyweds.
Thanks so much Sharon and Micheál for letting me be part of your wedding day.
Tá sibh fear & bean uasal agus go raibh míle maith agat don lá a chaith mé agaibh!

Photos from the day are below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page. More blogs from Salthill Hotel weddings can be viewed here.

Salthill Hotel Weddings
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