Meet John

I'm a lucky man paying my taxes by doing something I love!

John McMAhon Portrait

Meet John

Hi, I'm John and totally in love what what I do for a wasn't always like that however!

I have my daughter Lauren to thank for my passion for photography.....she's now sixteen years old but when she was born I purchased a digital camera and started taking loads of photos of her....and the bug simply grew from there. We have three kids now so they were guinea pigs for a lot of my imagery when I started out.
In 2009, after shooting a few weddings for friends and family, I made the switch to being a Full Time Photographer and started paying my taxes from same....and consider myself very lucky. There are very few jobs that allow you a front row seat at such an exciting "Life Event" as wedding photography and I feel blessed each day I work at one.
The other thing I'm feel exceptionally lucky about is the wife that I have and the three children that we're blessed's greatest gift in my opinion!
On the Photography side of matters I joined the Irish Professional Photographers Association in 2011 and have been very lucky to win a number of awards with them.....including "An Award of Excellence" in 2015......really enjoyed learning new tricks every year from this wonderful organization.