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Wedding FAQ

It isn’t easy to cover all questions in this section….so please feel free to contact me and arrange a “no obligations” chat with regards to your requirements and your special day.

Why should we book John McMahon Photography?

Quite simply….I love what I do! I have a VIP ticket for your special day…..and I enjoy every minute of it. I’m not a grumpy person who hides behind the camera for the duration of the day, I enjoy the banter with your friends and relations and feel that I’m a good “people” person….which is very very important! If the Bride and Groom are surrounded by happy/jovial and competent professionals on your big day, it makes it a lot less stressful and allows you to absorb and enjoy your special day a lot more.
Finally, people that book me on a wedding day, book me….not another photographer that I sublet a job out to (like some agencies), they book me and we can build up a relationship together prior to your big day.

How many images do we receive from our wedding?
Quite simply, the Bride and Groom receive all of the images that I’m happy with from their wedding day. The number varies depending on whether speeches/first dance is covered. I usually take between 1,200 and 1,600 images at a wedding and on average I give the bride and groom between 500/600 images (and in some cases more). My style of photography is not the “machine-gun” type……taking a load of repetitive shots of the same image……I prefer quality to quantity.
In addition to the 500/600 shots that I give to couples, I also process images into black & white/sepia/spot colouring…or indeed any special effect that I feel an image lends itself too. Therefore, you will have approx 500/600 individual images, but you will also have an additional 200/200 images that have been transformed with effects.

Are you insured?
Of Course, being an Award of Excellence winner with the Irish Professional Photographers Association, I’m required to have Public Liability and Professional Imdemnity Cover.

Do you have back up equipment in case something goes wrong?
Too much equipment! On average, 4 camera bodies, 7 lenses and a load of flashes!!

Do you work on your own or do you have a second photographer?
No. I work by myself and have never had any problems working this way….I feel I’ve a good eye for capturing the candids and don’t require anyone else for same. On occasion when I’ve used a second shooter, I find it more intrusive than what I’d like. One can be arranged however for the grooms preparations if required.

In your coverage you state that coverage starts in the brides home, can you capture the grooms coverage too?
No. I used to do this many years ago and stopped. I would be calling to the grooms home about 3 hours before the ceremony. If there were any ladies present, they used to hate the sight of me arriving with my camera. They would have no hair and make up done at that hour of the morning and it was simply a bad start to a wedding day.

Do you require a Booking Deposit?
Yes, we charge a non refundable €300 deposit to secure your date.

Can you hold a date for us provisionally?
I’m afraid history has taught me to leave all dates “open and available” until secured with a deposit. I often have couples asking about the same date, in particular around the Christmas Period when there is a lot of engagements. Leaving everything open and available is the fairest way to all couples, and indeed to my business.

How long will it take us to get our images after the wedding and how do we receive them?
Usually your images will be ready anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on the season etc. The images will be presented in a password protected online gallery. From here you will be able to download in multiple resolutions (from huge unwatermarked images for printing to small low-res images for Facebook etc) and you can even order prints/framed prints/canvas etc right from your gallery.

Will our wedding photos end up on your blog or social media?
I love showing off our work on the blog and social media. It’s a good way for friends to see a glimpse of your big day and indeed it helps my future couples see my recent work too. I only do this however with the permission of the couple.

Can we give you a shot list?
I don’t mind receiving a list of family shots that are important to you. The odd time I can get given a 5/6 page list of photos to capture and this goes against the grain of how I work on wedding day. I like to be observant and catch the spontaneous moments that weddings offer, and quite often these are lost trying to “paint by number” following a shot list.

If we book a “Digital Package” without an album, can we get one at a later date?
Yes of course you can. Albums are available years after your wedding. Those that select and pay for an album package for the wedding receive an album discount and lock in the price of their albums…regardless of a price increase or not.

How long do albums take?
Albums usually taken between 6 and 8 weeks after being ordered.

How long do you spend taking photos with the bride and groom on wedding day?
If I get 30/40 minutes shooting a bride and groom with their bridal party on wedding day, this is always sufficient.

Can we print our own photos?
Of course, all of your images are downloadable in high resolution from your private online gallery. If printing your own, please ensure you use a Professional Lab as this will ensure great colours and indeed prints that will last for a lifetime.

Can we order professional prints/frames from you?
Yes. Your online gallery has the option to purchase all kinds of prints and indeed wall art so you can order online, or as mentioned above, download and print yourself.

When is the balance due?
After your wedding deposit, the remaining balance is due on wedding morning at the latest. Most couples pay this a few days prior to the wedding. If you have no album selected in your wedding package, albums must be paid for in full before being ordered.

What happens if you become ill or can’t shoot our wedding?
Being in business for the past 12 years and having shot over 500 weddings, there have been two instances where I was unable to shoot a wedding. Once where a family member passed away the day before a wedding, and the second when I became so ill I was hospitalized and missed the wedding. On both occasions, I’m part of the Irish Professional Photographers Association which is an extremely large network of fellow Professional Wedding Photographers. On both occasions, I had a large selection of fellow photographers with a similar style to me to stand in on short notice.

We are contemplating getting Video, do you also provide this service?
I’m a professional Photographer which is an entirely different skill set to that of a Videographer. Video is a different media and I strongly urge couples to consider one for their big day. I have worked with dozens through the years and will gladly share those that I believe are really nice people to work with and whom also have a nice discreet style of work

Can you recommend some other wedding suppliers for us?
Of course…I’ve met quite a few during my years and can recommend the nicer ones that have stuck in my head.

Do we get to meet you before our wedding?
Of course, couples are most welcome to call to my studio which is located at the back of my home. It’s great not to be strangers on wedding days…it helps us all.
You can tell me everything that’s important to you on your wedding day i.e where you would like the Bridal Portraits taken, list the shots that are important to you (photos with friends, relations, godparents, grandparents etc) and we can also do a timeline of events, ensuring that you have plenty of time for family and friends on your big day. It’s also important for me to get a list of names of your bridal party and families. I try and learn everyone’s name so I can speak to them on a first name basis and keep things as informal as possible.
As I work six days a week, Sunday is my day off and I treasure it for reasons best explained in this blog. Meetings therefore must be between Mondays and Saturdays. In recent years, I’m having these meetings online via Skype and Zoom and it seems to be more convenience for my couples.

Are your packages negotiable?
Sorry, no. I feel I’m very good value for the photography and services that I provide and most of my clients feel so too. It’s very important to us that every couple get the same quote in the interest of fairness so we don’t haggle. Of course we can tailor certain packages for certain events (such as small civil ceremonies where only 4 hours of coverage is required etc)

Feel free to contact me and I will forward you on a price list of my services.

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