Wedding FAQ

It isn’t easy to cover all questions in this section….so please feel free to contact me and arrange a “no obligations” chat with regards to your requirements and your special day.

Why should we book John McMahon Photography?

Quite simply….I love what I do! I have a VIP ticket for your special day…..and I enjoy every minute of it. I’m not a grumpy person who hides behind the camera for the duration of the day, I enjoy the banter with your friends and relations and feel that I’m a good “people” person….which is very very important! If the Bride and Groom are surrounded by happy/jovial and competent professionals on your big day, it makes it a lot less stressful and allows you to absorb and enjoy your special day a lot more.
Finally, people that book me on a wedding day, book me….not another photographer that I sublet a job out to (like some agencies), they book me and we can build up a relationship together prior to your big day.

Are you an amateur or professional photographer?
I am a Full Time Qualified Professional Photographer (LIPPVA). I am a member of the Irish Professional Photographers and Videographers Association and provide a professional service in accordance with same. I also have Full Public Liability Insurance as well as Professional Indemnity Insurance. In the recent past, hotels are requesting copies of Public Liability Insurance from Photographers / Videographers. If a guest was to trip over a lead/stand etc, I have insurance of €7,000,000 for each claim. If an amateur covering a wedding caused an accident, the guest could sue the Bride and Groom if the person responsible for the accident had no insurance.

How many images do we receive on the disc of images?
Quite simply, the Bride and Groom receive all of the images that I’m happy with from their wedding day. The number varies depending on whether speeches/first dance is covered. I usually take between 1,200 and 1,600 images at a wedding and on average I give the bride and groom between 500/600 images (and in some cases more). My style of photography is not the “machine-gun” type……taking a load of repetitive shots of the same image……I prefer quality to quantity.
In addition to the 500/600 shots that I give to couples, I also process images into black & white/sepia/spot colouring…or indeed any special effect that I feel an image lends itself too. Therefore, you will have approx 500/600 individual images, but you will also have an additional 2003200 images that have been transformed with effects.

What do you mean when you say you spend three days processing wedding images?
I have been using photoshop and Lightroom for 20 years and have a distinction in “Advanced Digital Photography”. I ensure that all of my images show the Bride and Groom (and others) in their most flattering state.
Every image that I give to couples has been personally processed by me. This means that I have checked it for white balance, ensures it’s sharp, the colours are vibrant, and that there is no imperfections on display. In my opinion, it is this processing that really polishes the images and makes them distinctive to look at.

Do you have back up equipment in case something goes wrong?
This is one of the main areas where a professional photographer differs from an amateur. How would “Uncle Bob” who has a good camera react if he had a problem with it…..battery dies or it’s card gets corrupted….imagine the mayhem this would cause!!
I always have two cameras over my shoulders on the day of a wedding along with a wide variety of lenses and a large selection of flashes. Every wedding is different, summer weddings can differ from winter weddings and it is very important to have the equipment that’s required to capture every style of wedding.

Why do you charge extra for speeches/first dance coverage?
On average there is an additional 4/5 hours work involved on a wedding day if capturing the speeches and first dance as well as an extra days work processing the extra images. “First dance” coverage is actually about 15/20 minutes of dancing….I try and capture as many images of parents/relations and friends enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

What type of wedding albums do you supply?
Quite simply, I so all sorts, from the traditional albums where you slide in prints to the storybook style where images are printed directly onto a page. I use various suppliers and cover all budgets and I’m continually looking for new up to date designs and top quality products. I also have a range of accessories such as small pocket size parent books, accordion style albums etc.
Do we have to purchase our wedding album from you?
No you do not. When you access all your wedding images, they are all in high resolution so you are in a position to go off and organize your own wedding album if you wish.

If we decide we want you to create our album, do we have to let you know what style we want at the time of booking?
Absolutely not. You can decide six months after your wedding if you wish!!

If we get you to supply our album, who designs it?
You do…it’s your wedding day! Normally, I would start an album and call it the first draft. You come along and make whatever changes to it that you wish, add/delete pages or pictures, change page colours etc. The drafts go back and forth until you are happy with the finished product, and only then does it get printed. It doesn’t matter how many changes are made, there is no additional cost (some photographers charge a fee for each alteration), it’s important for me to supply you with your dream album. The drafts can be done over the internet for convenience.

Why shouldn’t we get a friend to cover our wedding photography?
I often hear of couples trying to take short cuts at weddings usually via using a friend or relative to capture the photos. Unfortunately, I have seen at first hand the disastrous results that can come from this. In the recent past, I have had brides come to my studio to see if there was any way that I could “rescue” the poor images from their wedding (shots taken on expensive cameras). Some people assume that as we now live in the digital age, any image that isn’t right at the time of capture can be rectified in photoshop. While there is a lot of things that can be done in photoshop, you cannot correct camera shake, very difficult to fix poorly exposed shots, and impossible to to fix shots where the composition is so bad that half the bride or grooms body is missing from an image. On occasion, the images might be of an okay standard, but everyone in the image doesn’t look relaxed or posed naturally, they often look uncomfortable, and the amateur fails to capture the spirit of the day.
Long after the band have stopped playing, your flowers have wilted, and the cake has been eaten, your wedding images will be there for you and your future generations to enjoy!

Do we get to meet you before our wedding?
Of course, couples are most welcome to call to my studio which is located at the back of my home. It’s great not to be strangers on wedding days…it helps us all.
You can tell me everything that’s important to you on your wedding day i.e where you would like the Bridal Portraits taken, list the shots that are important to you (photos with friends, relations, godparents, grandparents etc) and we can also do a timeline of events, ensuring that you have plenty of time for family and friends on your big day. It’s also important for me to get a list of names of your bridal party and families. I try and learn everyone’s name so I can speak to them on a first name basis and keep things as informal as possible.

What time does your coverage start?
My coverage normally starts 2 hours before the ceremony time at the brides home.

Do you cover the grooms preparations?
No, I meet up with the lads at the ceremony venue….history has taught me this is the best way. A 2nd photographer can be arranged to cover the grooms preparations on wedding morning if required.

How much time do you require to take photos?
As much or as little time as you want to give, each wedding is different.
If I was allowed 30 minutes to take images of the bridal party and the bride and groom, this is usually sufficient to give a variety of images. The quantity of images you receive after your wedding is reflective of the time that you allow for same on wedding day.

Do you supply an online gallery for family and friends to view images
Yes, friends and families can view your entire collection of wedding images in a private password protected gallery if you wish. This is a complimentary service and you can allow family/friends to purchase images from the gallery also.

How much of a deposit do you require?
I charge a €200 deposit for weddings, and the balance is paid on your wedding day (some couples prefer to pay prior to the day, not wanting to have too much cash to handle on their big day). All dates remain open and available until a deposit has been paid and a receipt has been issued to couples.

Feel free to contact me and I will forward you on a price list of my services.

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