I bumped into Claire and Shane a couple of weeks prior to their big day while they were attending Michelle and Gary’s big day….I find it a lot easier to deal with people when we’re not strangers…and indeed with bridesmaid Seodhna also being a bridesmaid at that wedding too….it felt a pretty casual and laid back affair.

Wedding Morning in Renmore

Anne Marie Fahy was responsible for having Claire look as gorgeous as she did….and the excellent Kelly McCormack responsible for the hair. Fair play to both ladies for being as relaxed as they were which certainly helped Claire and her bridesmaids Aimme, Seodhna and Roseanne to be the wonderful chilled out people that they were on wedding day. Andrew Davey was capturing video with me on Claire and Shane’s big day….(good company and very competent at his job) and we headed off to St Oliver Plunkett Church close by to meet up with Shane and his groomsmen Eoin, Kelna and Jack. I was also delighted to bump into Caitriona Glynn…fantastic musician who was providing the ceremony music along with the competent Gerry Kennedy and indeed Claire’s mum Anne and Gerry Kennedy too… was truly excellent and I was surprised to see Claire’s sister and chief bridesmaid Aimee sing a few songs too…and did it so well. Sometimes family members can partake in the music at wedding ceremonies, but my lord their performances weren’t token performances, they were excellent…..well done Anne and Aimee, respect to the both of you!!

Wedding Photos Quad NUIG

Our plan after the ceremony was to use the Claddagh and Quay St for some images, but as it was a pretty miserable day, we availed of the shelter of the QUAD in NUIG for some images. Indeed there were three brides there when we arrived but thanks to the other bridal parties and photographers, we worked in tandem with each other and got through things as swiftly as we could. We made the short journey to Quay St afterwards where the bridal party made a hydration stop in Ti Neachtain’s….a popular spot. The day was pretty wet and windy and Quay St wasn’t the hive of activity that it can be on sunny wedding days, but nonetheless it always nice to see the people of Galway extending good wishes to newlyweds on wedding day…something I never tire of.

Salthill Hotel Wedding Reception

Our final port of call was the excellent Salthill Hotel….one of Galways busiest hotel venues and their busy for a reason…always provide excellent service to couples.
Thanks Claire and Shane for trusting me with your wedding photography….I enjoyed your company as well as that of your bridal parties and families.
Please God we’ll cross paths in the near future again and until then, mind yourselves and enjoy the summer break!!

Some images from the day below with a photo slideshow available to view at the bottom of the page

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