Aine’s wedding was the second one that I was covering for her family…her sister Niamh being the previous one a couple of years prior to that….and with positive memories for that day, I was a relaxed and happy camper calling to the Staunton’s on wedding morning!
Unfortunately the weather was pretty horrid despite their big day being a summer wedding…..that’s simply one of the those things that we have to put up with in this wonderful country of ours!

Wedding Morning in Tourmakeady

There was great banter in Aine’s home on wedding morning…..every one in good spirits and the chat was flowing. Niamh (whose wedding I covered a few years ago) was chief bridesmaid and was accompanied on bridesmaid duties by her sisters Maeve, Ciara and Orlaith her good friend.
It was great to bump into Paul McDermott from Vivid Eye Video who was also a familiar face for a Staunton wedding having also worked for Niamh and Gerry previously. We were lucky to be in a position to take a few images of Sean and his merry men who were getting ready directly next door. Seán was being looked after by best man Michael along with groomsmen Brian and his two brothers Damien and Aidan…….they were enjoying a hot whiskey when I arrived…..hydration is very important on wedding days and given the horrendous that that it was, I think it was a good choice!!

Wedding Ceremony Tourmakeady

Arriving at Tourmakeady, it was good to see the friendly face of Fr John Kenny who was looking after proceedings as well as hearing the beautiful singing of Nicola McGuire accompanied by the brilliant Dave Mongan on keyboards.
After the ceremony and Fr Kenny’s traditional “Bridal Party Selfie”, we used the warmth and dryness of the church for a few brief portraits before chancing our arm across the road in Tourmakeady Woods for a handful of pics in between showers.

Wedding reception Knockranny House Hotel

The weather really didn’t play ball with us so after less than 10 minutes we were back in our cars and making our way to the excellent Knockranny House Hotel.
Although the weather wasn’t good, one thing that was simply excellent was the frame of mind that both Aine and Seán were in….as well as that of their bridal parties. They are two exceptionally positive people that omitted nothing but positive energy to me and indeed all of their guests and were truly a joy to be around. Indeed it stands out to me how “up” for this wedding their guests were….when going around the room taking some portraits, some were simply in hyper good form….a great recipe for a wedding!!
I appreciate you both trusting me with your wedding photography Aine and Seán and thank you for being wonderful people. Sometimes when I arrive back to a hotel venue after a wedding shoot, it can be difficult to get a couple to invest any more time in photography…the calling of family and friends is very strong on your big day. You were both very accommodating in giving me a few more minutes because of the poor weather we had in the woods and I’m not alone grateful for that, but for the manner in which you did it.
Wishing you both the very best and please God we’ll cross paths in the near future again.
Until then, mind yourselves!!

Some photos from the day are below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

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