I probably caused Sarah some undue stress with regards to her wedding photography!
Unlike most weddings, I hadn’t met Sarah and Mark prior to their wedding day, mainly due to them both living in the UK.
Last November, they came home for a few days, and unfortunately it was during a time when i was ill and in hospital, and indeed out of contact with the world for over a week. Sarah had intended on doing an Engagement shoot during this period in Ballycastle but it wasn’t to be last November. Ever since then, I’m sure in the back of her mind she would have been wondering about the wedding photography side of things…and in particular whether I would show up!
Luckily communications were great prior to the day (a few phone calls and several emails) meant that we had a god plan for the day and we were all singing from the same hymn sheet.

Wedding Morning Belleek Castle

Sarah and Martin (….well probably more Sarah than Martin) has made a trojan effort with regards to the little extras that were on display on wedding day and I commend them for how both the Church in Ballycastle ( and Belleek Castle in Ballina looked. Major cudos to wedding suppliers Branch Flowers in Galway and the excellent Robert Treston from Aisle Love you for their superb work!
Wedding day was damp and windy and I’m afraid we didn’t get any opportunities to capture some of the fantastic landscape that Ballycastle offers up…none the less, there’s lovely photo opportunities within Belleek Castle and the damp and windy weather defined that this would be our photo destination as well as wedding reception!
Thankfully Sarah and Martin were surrounded by a fantastic bunch of people on their wedding day…which in essence enables them to relax and enjoy themselves that bit more too. Sarah’s Bridesmaids were Sarah (another one), Jade, Beth and Louise as well as Junior Bridesmaid Amelie….and both mums Jill and Mary also present during the preparations. It truly was a laid back atmosphere, helped by the two girls Sinéad and Niamh from Bella Beauty on make up who are always in good form, but mainly due to everyone positive attitude and some of the tunes that the bridesmaids had playing in the back ground…and for that matter, every now and again a few dance moves to the music would surface to help keep the nervous energy away!
Equally Martin had a good bunch of lads around him too, Gary, Gio, Leonardo and Howard ensured spirits were as high as they girls!
I appreciate the fact that after the ceremony and we arrive back in the Castle, it’s difficult for the Bridal party to pull themselves away from family and friends who are relaxing drinking and simply enjoying themselves while we have to go off and take some photos. Sarah and Martin (as well as their party) were top notch with their attitude and it makes my job so much easier….I truly enjoyed their company and being around them on their wedding day….and a man on a bike can see how much in love they are with each other too!
Pink Champagne were responsible for having everyone in the Castle rocking into the early hours!
Thank you Sarah and Martin for trusting me with your wedding photography and I hope your happy with the result we got. I’ll look forward to hopefully crossing paths with you in the future again…in the mean time, mind each other!

Photos from the day are below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Belleek Castle Wedding

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