Kate and David are two free spirits….two people that are very easy to connect with and you get energy from simply being in their company!
We met up a few days prior to the wedding and we simply chatted and gossiped about a lot of things …..that weren’t wedding related….we were going off on tangents but enjoyed each others company which made me pretty excited and looking forward to their big day!
The Hardiman Hotel is a place I love working in…..I’ve elaborated previously that I feel it’s a “team player” hotel and it’s for this reason that I love working there….as well of course as the abundance of photo opportunities that the hotel allows!

Wedding morning in the Hardiman Hotel

Kate’s preparations were taking place in the hotel and the good positive vibes and energy that I witnessed from her a few days before the wedding were also being felt from her bridal party consisting me Jess, Megan,Clare and Michelle….everyone in good form listening to a few tunes while looking out at the beautiful view of Eyre Square from their room. Caroline Coyne was looking after the ladies on wedding morning….super at her job!
The lads were pretty much in the same form as the ladies on wedding day….David was hanging around in the bar area with groomsmen Paul, Al, Ciaran and Paddy and it was so convenient for them all to be located in the one building on wedding day.

Wedding Ceremony in the Hardiman Hotel Galway

The ceremony took place in the ball room upstairs and it looked truly stunning….like something from a Disney movie! Robert Treston from Aisle Love You was responsible for it’s presentation ( as well of course as the staff of the hotel) and it was great to hear the magnificent tones of Ailbhe Hession giving the superb audio to the wonderful visuals…….Ailbhe is top drawer material and love crossing paths with her on wedding days.
After the ceremony, Kate and David spent some time greeting their guests in the hotel followed by a some family portrait photography with the result that it was about 4.20pm when we started a stroll down the streets of Galway.
I work in some hotels that would put you under considerable pressure if you were bringing the bridal party away from the hotel at this time of day for a photo shoot, but thankfully Hotel Meyrick appreciates that I also had a job to complete and I liaised with Maura throughout our shoot.

Wedding Walk in Galway

Kate and David strolled down shop street and stopped at Neachtains on Quay Street for a pint….loved this part of the day and witnessing all the positive energy and good vibes that both locals and tourists were throwing in the direction of the newly weds!
The clouds were getting somewhat darker and the rain was threatening so we made our way down to the Claddagh for some images……stopping for an impromptu “first dance” with some buskers at the end of Quay Street…another lovely wedding moment! We got a handfull of images with the Claddagh as our back drop before the rain came and sent Kate and David back to the shelter of a hostility on Quay Street before we could arrange transport for them back to Hotel Meyrick….arriving back there at 5pm allowing the newlyweds some time to spend with their family and friends before the bell was rung for the meal.
Really enjoyed the “speeches from the heart” from everyone during the meal…both funny and witty in equal measures and the rest of the evening was one big party that I felt privileged to witness and capture.
I reckon that if it was another ten years before I bumped into Kate and David, i would still feel comfortable going up and giving Kate a big squeeze and a hug such is the warm and friends person that she is…please God it won’t be that long however guys before we cross paths again.
Hearty congratulations on your recent good news too…’s greatest gift in my opinion!!

Some images from the day are below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page

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