A lot of familiar faces at Kathy and Owen’s wedding…..indeed I had covered Kathy’s sisters wedding (Mary) a couple of years ago and wasn’t a stranger to their beautiful and welcoming home! As was the case for Mary’s wedding, Kathy’s home on wedding morning was full of relations and friends….the USA being particularly well represented! Ironically, Kathy’s family has a lot of US relations which is similar to Owen’s family….with his mum being form the USA too!

Wedding morning in Cross Mayo.

Kathy is a lovely grounded person…totally comfortable in her company and was looking forward to her big day with Owen. The church is no more than mile from her home so I had plenty of time when I arrived at Cross church and hooked up with John Murphy of Avalon Video who was doing some work with Owen and the lads. We grabbed some images before the bulk of the guests arrived and again it was lovely being in the presence of a guy like Owen and his groomsmen….they’re all “Gentlemen” and did what they could to ensure prompt photography….thanks lads, I appreciate it.
Something that was pretty evident at this wedding was the relationship Kathy and Owen have with their families….they’re very close and it was a privilege to observe them and how they communicated with each other on wedding day. Indeed I can relate a lot to how Owen’s father Des and how he offered up quite a lot of affectionate moments on wedding day……good for the soul to observe these!

Wedding Ceremony Cross Mayo

Owen’s sister is Nicola….a superb church singer whom I regularly cross paths with at weddings….love working with her as we have dome quite a lot of work with each other an we instinctively know each others ways and how we work which helps the bride and groom on wedding day. Nicola was accompanied by the excellent Dave Mongan (…Congrats on your recent good news Dave and look forward to covering your wedding too) on keyboards….and probably for the first time ever at a church, they were separated. Nicola seated in the second row with her family, and Dave at the back of the church……and they still sounded awesome. I remember Nicola gave a beautiful rendition of a song during the ceremony and it moved her dad Des to tears….lovely moment to witness and again thanks Des for being like an Italian Man wearing your heart on your sleeve!
After Fr Paddy’s ceremony, we completed the family portraits on the church grounds before making the short journey to Cong where we availed of the wonderful nature on display there….such a majestic spot that offers you everything for outdoor portraits.

Wedding Reception Galway Bay Hotel

After our stop in Cong, we made our way to the superb Galway Bay Hotel in Salthill for the ceremony. I love working there….Steve and Kim are two excellent people, great team players and any couple that I work with in the hotel sing it’s praises so highly! We did make a quick stop however in the Claddagh…..a place that’s close to the heart of the McGuire family and gave us reason to spend a couple of minutes capturing the newlyweds in this old and historic part of Galway.
Thanks so much Kathy and Owen for trusting me with your wedding photography. Your wedding day was very enjoyable…mainly because of your attitude and that of your families and friends. It was a pleasure to hear your families beautiful and heartfelt speeches ……the apples didn’t fall far from the trees…your two good people….and a man on a bike can see how much you enjoyed your wedding day, and indeed each other company…….really good recipe for a strong and healthy marriage!
Until we cross paths again, mind yourselves!!

Photos from the day are below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Galway Bay Hotel Wedding

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