One of the reasons I love what I do for a living is the roller coaster of emotions that can present themselves on any wedding day.

I’ve observed many situations that had me crying like a little baby….unable to stay composed during what I felt were overwhelming moments.

One of those occasions took place at Sarah & Fergal’s recent wedding.

Sarah’s Grandmother, Lizzie, is being cared for in a Nursing Home and was unable to attend her Granddaughters wedding. Lizzie’s health means that she has good days and bad days…on the bad days, she may not have as much clarity of thinking as she has on her better days, and for this reason it was hit and miss whether she would be up to a visit on wedding day. I’m delighted to say that Sarah decided to call for a visit en route to her wedding reception.

Lizzie may have been slightly confused at the amount of people that descended upon the nursing home after the wedding. Family members as well as a Photographer and Videographer were some of the people that arrived out of nowhere. From a distance, I captured Sarah & Fergal’s greeting with Lizzie. Slightly confused but none the less engaging.

What happened next was like something from a movie. Lizzie spotted her husband Paddy coming into the nursing home and immediately her persona had a more enlightened appearance. She beckoned Paddy over to her and they both had a hug and a kiss. They sat next to each other and were given some space to enjoy each others company. It was an overwhelming moment…many of us reaching for hankies. The connection between the two of them was something that you’d hope to have with your partner if we live to lead long lives like both of them

It was a gift to experience this…the strong connection between Lizzie and Paddy…..whilst at the same time having sympathy with Lizzie’s current residence and condition. The connection between Lizzie and Paddy would lead you to believe that they’ve both had a fulfilling relationship…something we all strive for.

After composing myself in order to take a group shots of the newlyweds with their grandparents, the lump in the throat re-surfaced again when observing their goodbyes…holding each others hands and their heads leaning in towards each other…strong and emotional stuff…..and a privilege to witness and capture same.

I gave my wife Elaine a great big hug when I got home from work that night…and hope we’ll have a similar bond and good health for many years to come.

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