Aoife and Greg’s Christmas wedding in the Mulranny Park Hotel.

Wedding morning in Mulranny Mayo

Aoife’s home is only a stone’s throw from Mulranny Church, which in turn is only a stone’s throw from Mulranny Park Hotel. It’s safe to say that everyting about this wedding was local from Aoife’s point of view.

I have shot several weddings in Mulranny, and I’m always bowled over my it’s majestic landscape, no matter what the weather. With this is mind, it’s safe to say that I found the views from Aoife’s home on wedding morning beyond superlatives…suffice to say that it’s distractingly beautiful. Majestic views overlooking Mulranny with the Atlantic Ocean as well as Mulranny Causeway all to the fore.
I spoke with Aoife over the phone on a couple of occasions prior to her big day, and the main point she was making to me was not wanting too much “fussing” with regards to their photography. Aoife and Greg are laid back people and wanted to enjoy their day …. not be gone too long from their wedding guests….so I had my ‘wedding day brief” and tried my best to work with that in mind.

Aoife’s home was a busy one on wedding morning…a lot of ladies getting ready for the big day! Jenny, Susan and Laura were happy out in their roles as bridesmaids and they’re positive energy ensured Aoife’s home was a happy one. Factor in 4 Flowergirls such as Shauna, Layla, Leah and Clodagh and you’ll understand why it was a hub of Ladies getting ready on wedding morning!
As always, it’s a treat working alongside Jason Nolan on wedding day…great Videographer and good company too!

Wedding Ceremony Mulranny

Aoife and Greg’s wedding ceremony was at 2pm. Although this is handy for the ladies not getting up as early on wedding day, it can leave you short for time with regards photos…and indeed allowing the bride and groom time to mingle with their guests. Aoife being ready on time helped the day flow pretty well and I got to the church in plenty of time to catch up with Greg and the boys consisting of Adrian, Conor and Jamie. They were a nice bunch of lads to work with and we ran off some shots before the girls arrive punctually. Aoife was driven to the church in her dads James Vintage car which was pretty cool.

After the ceremony, Aoife and Greg were finished shaking hands with their guests around 3.40pm…and being a December 29th wedding, we hadn’t much daylight left. We headed straight to the Causeway for a few shots and the girls reminded me once again that this was going to be an extremely brief photo shoot….the cold was getting the better of them, and indeed darkness was falling. We flied through things as feast as we could before we made the short but steep stroll up the Causeway steps to the Mulranny Park Hotel.

Wedding Reception Mulranny park Hotel

We arrived back at the hotel in almost darkness and Aoife and Greg had that time to chill out with their family and friends before the meal.

Wedding guests were treated to the brilliant Frank Forde Comedian during the meal…a surprise indeed for Aoife and Greg too! He entertained guests after the meal with the result that there was very little “down time” between the meal and the music which was provided by the excellent More Cowbell! Pa Sheils’ band are excellent at what they do…full of positive energy that wedding guests always enjoy and their full dance floors are a pretty normal site at their weddings….great stuff Pa well done!

Aoife and Greg, your two good people! I thoroughly enjoyed your wedding day and I knew I would from our phone conversations. You don’t do drama Aoife, and your a lady that I very comfortable around….and your new fresh of the shelf husband Greg has similar traits! I hope we cross paths again in the near future…and until then, mind yourselves!!
Some images from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Mulranny Park Hotel Wedding
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