Ailee and Daniel recently had a Christmas wedding in Ballyhaunis Mayo followed by a wedding reception in Mount Falcon Hotel Ballina.

Having shot Tommy’s wedding (Daniel’s brother and groomsman), there was a lot of familar faces on wedding day, and that’s always a good thing. They know what to expect from me, I’m not going to ask them to jump through hoops on wedding day for the sake of photography, and the fact that I don’t have to prove that to anyone on wedding day is pretty cool!

Wedding Morning in Ballyhaunis

Ailee and Daniel’s wedding was my first in Ballyhaunis in Mayo. Ailee’s preparations took place in her home which is within walking distance to the church and it was a very chilled home on wedding morning. Ailee was a stunning bride and was looked after on wedding morning by her bridesmaids Erika (sister), Ramona and Leanne. Here mum Laura ensured there was no delaying and everyone was on time…great to have someone like that as I’m not the best at giving orders!
Ailee’s grandmother Breda was also present on wedding morning and indeed it was cool to witness her close relationship with Ailee, and indeed I enjoyed having the chats with her too, a lovely lady!
Well done to Siobhan Moran from LS Hair in Westport and Lisa Ralph for looking after the hair and make up respectively….they had a great model to work with, but they were very efficient and approachable in their work.

Wedding StPatrick’s Church Ballyhaunis

With everything running very smoothly in Littlebrook House, I was able to make the short trip to the church in plenty of time to catch up with Daniel and his team of Keith (…aka Peter O’Mahony), Tommy and Joshua (Ailee’s brother). They’re a great bunch of lads, grounded people and a treat to be around on a wedding day. We ran off a few shots in the cold Christmas air before Ailee and her team arrived punctually.

The ceremony was lovely, and Nicola McGuire provided the excellent music and was accompanied by Dave Mongan on Keyboards (whose wedding I also shot a few weeks later). Fr Stephen is a photography enthusiast and a gentleman to work with….he’s also a Canon shooter too!!

Josh must be commended for his double jobbing role on wedding day. I always feel it’s an honor top be a Groomsman or indeed a Bridesmaid at a wedding….Joshua also had the important responsibility of walking his sister Ailee up the aisle and he must be commended for the manner in which he did same….good man Joshua, chest out!!

After the ceremony, we used the shelter and the warmth of the church for the Family Portraits as well as some bridal ones ….great to have this done before we arrive at the hotel. Before we whisked off to Ballina and the Mount Falcon Hotel, we made a brief visit to Daniel’s Grandmother who also lives in Ballyhaunis town and who unfortunately was unable to attend the ceremony. It’s truly fulfilling to witness moments like this on wedding day and indeed good for the soul!

Wedding Reception Mount Falcon Hotel Ballina

Our final port of call was the excellent wedding venue that is the Mount Falcon Hotel in Ballina. We arrived very punctually (well done Ailee and Daniel on going for a 12.30 ceremony), and indeed witnessed a lovely Falconry Display performed by the Hotel before we rounded up the Bridal party for some wedding photos. As a result of everything running to time, Ailee and Daniel had plenty of time to mingle with family and friends before the meal…something that’s important in my opinion. Having this time with your close family and friends allows you to absorb and enjoy your wedding day a lot more….and I think Ailee and Daniel’s guests enjoyed the events and festivities that was laid on for them too. The Falconry Display was excellent and indeed guests were able to see and hold some owls too whilst sipping the wine and eating the canapes.

Entertainment by the Hit Machine Drummers

After the meal and the entertaining speeches, wedding guests were provided to one more treat…The Hit Machine Drummers!

After Ailee and Daniel’s first dance as husband and wife, this massive sound erupted from the corner of the room…it was the arrival of The Hit Machine. Tremendous lively entertainment that would have your heart racing…indeed you’d nearly go out and join the Irish Army afterward it was so invigorating!! They performed for half an hour with a variety of drumming/dancing… was my first time seeing them play live and I thought they were top drawer material!!

Many thanks Ailee and Daniel for trusting me with your wedding photography. I enjoyed your wedding day and indeed all the small little magic moments that it offered up. I wish you both the very best for the future and please God we’ll cross paths again in the future!!

Some photos of the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Mount Falcon Hotel Wedding
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