Caroline and Enda’s wedding in the Diamond Coast Hotel Enniscrone

Wedding Morning in Killawalla Mayo

Caroline’s home place in Killawalla Mayo is nothing short of stunning! It’s distractingly beautiful! Rolling contoured hills are her front and back gardens, and even on her cloudy overcast day, it was stunning!

A lively home too on wedding day…bridesmaids were a plenty and I had to commend Regina, Marie, Amy, Nicola and Junior Bridesmaid Sophie for being cool people to be around on wedding day! No fussing kinda girls and always there for Caroline on the big day! Hats off to Flowergirl Fírinne who was excellent too……but I’m afraid all participants were upstaged by the legend that is Ryan….Pageboy and son of Caroline and Enda. He’s simply a class act for such a young person. I often see kids behave somewhat differently on a wedding day. There’s a lot of relations and friends around and sometimes they tend enjoy the attention a bit too much and do some silly child like things which is normal. Ryan is a child that’s simply happy in his own skin and Caroline and Enda can be extremely proud of the young class act that he is.

John Murphy from Avalon Video was looking after the Video side of things on wedding day and Emer Coen was looking after all things hair and Abby Costollo looking after all things make up! fair play to the girls for having caroline ready in plenty of time…and she looked stunning too!

After capturing the preparations, I made the short spin to Killawalla and met up with Enda and his groomsmen!

Wedding Ceremony Killawalla Mayo

The first thing that struck me when meeting Enda was his resemblance to Mike Denver the singer…uncanny!
Enda has a similar disposition to Mike Denver too….happy, approachable and very positive! I enjoyed his company and along his groomsmen Daire and Fergus…indeed the whole Bridal party were most courteous and friendly!

The ceremony was a very personable one performed by Caroline’s Uncle. After the ceremony, we used the shelter of the church for the Family Portraits before making the journey to Enniscrone and the Diamond Coast Hotel

As I mentioned earlier, it was an overcast day with some showers, and indeed some strong gusts of wind. As a result, we decided to use Beleek Forrest in Ballina for the photo shoot. It was pretty cold there but we got plenty of protection from the elements and indeed there was still some lovely Autumnal colors on display. Thanks to everyone for their patience here and indeed it was lovely to catch some cool moments of Caroline and Enda with their main man Ryan that I’ve spoken about earlier…some cool family moments and even cooler that they happened on a wedding day!

Wedding Diamond Coast Hotel

Our final port of call was the that in the Diamond Coast Hotel…a superb wedding venue. I love working there, not least of all because of the superb wedding Co-Ordinator they have in Mary Clarke…a great person and a true team player for wedding suppliers.

We had plenty of time to capture some remaining family portraits as well as some friend shots before the meal. Caroline being a Mayo Footballer had plenty of team mates vying for some pics and there was a pretty good atmosphere among wedding guests! Ryan was happy out too…he did his best to eat the entire Donut wall that Caroline and Enda supplied for guests!!

The night was rounded off with a super performance by Simon Casey and his band. They were excellent and had the dance floor packed!

Thanks very much Caroline and Enda for trusting me with your wedding photography…I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree and you have a lovely grounded family. Wishing you both the very best and please God we’ll cross paths again in the future!

Some photos of the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page. More wedding from the Diamond Coast Hotel by clicking this link

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