Lorna and Cathal’s wedding in Breaffy House Hotel was a pretty awesome one!
I enjoyed it as there were plenty of familiar faces of awesome wedding suppliers…and Lorna was nothing short of a doll the whole day! You were pretty damn good too Cathal, but all the men would agree your wife looked truly awesome all day!!

Wedding Morning in Moylough Co Galway

Lorna’s preparations took place less than 5 minutes from Moylough church and it was a lovely bubbly home on wedding morning. Jason Nolan was arriving at the same time as me and it was cool to see the friendly face of Sandra Gillen looking after all things “make up” and Louise from Bliss Bridal Hair looking after all things “hair”!!.
Thanks to Margaret & Pat for their warm welcome, and indeed fair play to Lorna’s bridesmaids Alma and Catriona who were in brilliant form all day and good people to be around!
No nerves, just plenty of chin wagging and a bit of craic on wedding morning….a good recipe for any wedding.
When I went up to Lorna’s room for photos when she was in her dress, I was blown away with how beautiful she looked. Truly amazing! Add in the positive frame of mind that she was in and we were truly set up for an amazing day! Her dress was awesome and the flowers complimented the bridesmaids so well with their beautiful Autumnal colors…supplied by Milands flowers in Mountbellew.

Wedding Ceremony Moylough

I made the short spin to Moylough church to catch up with the lads. It was a cool short spin as the road was adorned with bonfires giving beautiful Lorna a lovely send off on her big day!

Cathal was in good form when I arrived at the church….plenty of support from his brothers and groomsmen Alan and Gavan.

I hadn’t shot a wedding in Moylough in a few years so hadn’t got the opportunity to shake hands with the gentleman that is Fr Burns…and bizarrely it was the first of three weeks in a row that I would cross paths with him…really nice laid back and approachable man!

Lorna didn’t delay us at all and arrived pretty promptly, and indeed Fr Burns was prompt in his ceremony so time was very much on our side when mass was over. The day was a mixture of beautiful Autumnal sunshine with the odd shower so we did the Family Portraits in the Church after the ceremony (and guests had left). Doing the Families at the church means they can relax back at the hotel…leave nieces/nephews with baby sitters or simply check into their hotel rooms without stressing over the photos taking place back at the hotel. It also means we don’t have to go searching for people back there.
When the portraits were finished, I availed of the beautiful decor in the church supplied by Robert Treston and Aisle Love You

Wedding Reception Breaffy House Hotel

We made the journey from Moylough to Breaffy in under an hour, and headed straight out the back to the woods to grab some photos with the bridal party. The colors on display there were class and I was eager to make the most of our time. We experienced a few showers en route to the hotel but the weather gods were playing ball with us when we arrived.

I appreciated the time time and energy the bridal party gave us while shooting…we were able to get through matters pretty quickly and get Lorna and Cathal into the warmth of the hotel pretty quickly. Not that they seemed to mind, they were both excellent people to be with and didn’t put either myself or Jason Nolan under any pressure with regards to the photo/video side of things….thanks guys!

The hotel looked amazing and mostly down to the efforts of the superb Fiona Newell. Massive Love Letters, sweet carts, Ferrero Rocher love hearts, and funky photo booths were just a few of the things that she brought to this wedding…and she had Breaffy looking the best I’ve ever seen…well done Fiona! I always enjoy crossing paths with Fiona but I think Lorna and Cathal’s wedding was the first where we got to sit down and chat…..and other reason why I enjoyed the day!

After dinner, the speeches were entertaining….and guests were also entertained by a magician/illusionist who had all manners of tricks lined up for the lucky guests….must say I found this entertaining too!

The band on the night was Gobsmacked…and they were excellent. I mist commend them for their very quick set up time which ensured guests were still on a high when the music started. Cudos to the band, they were setting their equipment up outside when the speeches were taking place making a conscious effort to be as quick as they could. I’m glad to say that their efforts paid off as they had the dance floor choc a bloc for the remainder of the night!

Thank so much Lorna and Cathal for being the exceptionally approachable people that you were on your big day. I love what I do for a living…and in particular when weddings days run just like yours! I appreciate you trusting me with your wedding photography and please God we’ll cross paths again in the near future…until then, mind yourselves!!
Photos below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Breaffy House Hotel Weddings
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