Aisling and Thomas were recently married in Bangor Co Mayo on a beautiful sunny day followed by a super reception in the Broadhaven Bay Hotel Belmullet.

Wedding Morning in Bangor Mayo

The road to Belmullet may be a very long one from a lot of places but’s also a very scenic one a place that I love working in…..Aisling and Thomas’ day was no different.
Sun shining, beautiful fluffy clouds and the most stunning looking bride lent itself to a superb day at work for me….factor in bumping into the superb Nicola McGuire (weddings Online Church Singer of the year) who was accompanied by the brilliant Paul Freery at the church, it was above brilliant!
I normally meet most couples a couple of weeks prior to their wedding, but on this occasion it didn’t work out due to Aisling and Thomas working in the UK…..but none the less I fell right at ease when meeting Aisling on the wedding morning….. a very beautiful lady who was stunning to photograph!! I mustn’t forget to give an honorable mention to the beautiful bridesmaids Emer, Breena, Christine and Gemma who were also stunning and great people to be around!

Wedding Ceremony Bangor Mayo

Thomas was pretty relaxed when I arrived at Bangor church and his merry men of Liam, Martin and the two Andrews were also good guys to be around and also up for a bit of fun.

The church in Bangor is a photographers dream…beautiful soft light and lovely timber decor with stained glass windows giving loads of character to it.

The fantastic church decor was complimented to the highest by the graceful singing of Nicola….a true professional with an exquisite voice. I think the rapturous round of applause that she and Paul received after their performance was a true reflection of what people thought of them!

Wedding Photography Srath beach Belmullett

After the church we headed off to the beach….had a picnic…played with a horse, took some photos and in general had a good time for ourselves which is the way photo shoots should be. Thanks to all of the bridal team for their laid back (but helpful) disposition.

Wedding Reception Broadhaven Bay Hotel

The Broadhaven Bay in Belmullett is super place….I really enjoy working there. Dave and his team are super for looking after everyone, and do it in a manner that’s so helpful that you can’t help nut enjoy your stay there.

Thanks Aisling and Thomas for being two great people to work with and for trusting me with your wedding photography. I wish you both the very best and please God we’ll cross paths again in the near future.

Some images are shown below and feel free to watch the photo slideshow at the bottom of the page.

Wedding Bangor Belmullett Mayo

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