Denise and Brendan were recently married in Killimor Co Galway followed by a wedding reception in the Loughrea Hotel & Spa.
Although it was a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine, there was also storm force winds in action which made things somewhat tricky with regards to outdoor photography. More about that later however!

Killimor Co Galway

Denise’s wedding preparations took place in her home about two miles from the beautiful parish of Killimor Co Galway. With five sisters, and three of them being bridesmaids, there was a lot of preparations in Denise’s home. Fair play to Ciara Egan from Keisha & Co Beauty Studio and Aisling from Fiona & Aisling from Lorraine’s Hair Salon for being so good with same. They had a busy morning but had everyone ready in ample time and all good weddings start of like this in my opinion.

Pascal Brookes was looking after the video side of things on wedding day. I’ve worked with Pascal a few times and he’s always a lively presence on wedding day! Dennis (Denise’s father) was one of the few other men present on wedidng morning….and lamented on the fact that it’s a man’s world on wedding morning!!

When I arrived, Denise was in the middle of opening a gift she had just received from her husband to be Brendan. He’s a good man and was able to pull on Denise’s heart strings with the lovely card and gift. As i mentioned, Denise’s sisters Ciara, Mairead and Edel were also bridesmaids and were always to hand with assistance and support for Denise. Denise’s sister Edel must be commended too for the awesome job she did supplying the flowers for the big day!

Killimor Co Galway

After capturing Denise’s preparations, I was finished in time to call up to Brendan and his groomsmen Thomás, Tom and Kevin who were having a pint in Duffy’s bar in Killimor. They were in good form and the pint helps them settle the nerves before the ceremony. The lads were able to walk to the church (pub right beside it) and greeted some guests before the punctual Denise arrived.

Thew ceremony was beautiful with some lovely traditional music provided by Denise’s family, lovely touch. We had planned on doing Family Portraits after the ceremony and outside, but unfortunately the high winds were playing havoc with all the ladies hair styles. We used the comforts and the serenity of the church instead, as well as capturing some bridal portraits.

Our next port of call was supposed to be the lake in Loughrea. We drove there via Denise’s home place and a host of bonfires to send the newlyweds on their way. When we arrived at the lake, the winds were so strong that they were blowing spray from the lake onto dry land and we had no option but to venture a couples of hundred yards up the road to a small sheltered/forest area.

Slightly overgrown, it did offer us some shelter and an opportunity to grab some photos. Denise and Brendan were most accommodating with their efforts and I’m also grateful to the bridesmaids, and in pThe bridal party were also able to relax and chill out for awhile before our final stop which was the Loughrea Hotel & Spa

Wedding Reception Loughrea Hotel & Spa

The Loughrea Hotel & Spa was our final port of call. Densie and Brendan’s guests were in great spirits and had a warm welcome for the newlyweds when we arrived back. They had plenty of time to mingle with their guests and when the bell rung for the meal, the bridal party headed up to the roof top garden for some quick shots and chill out time!

There was a mighty party atmosphere in the Loughrea Hotel and Spa and the excellent Conquerors continued on this atmosphere with their lively and energetic performance! It was truly a great wedding and Denise and Brendan were troopers! Their bridal parties matched their infectious good humor and it was one of those days that you feel blessed to do what you do for a living.

Thanks again Brendan and Denise and we’ll be in touch shortly with regards the album!
Photos from the day are below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

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