Gemma and James’ wedding recently took place in St Joseph’s Church Galway with a reception in the Salthill Hotel.

I love weddings in St Joseph’s Church Galway, and in particular working with Fr Downey. It’s a breadth of fresh air working with a priest (..actually he’s a Canon) that is as unassuming and approachable as Fr Downey, and he’s always in great form!

Gemma’s preparations were taking place in her home in Oranmore surrounded by her bridesmaids Orla, Nuala and Sarah as well of course as her brilliant mum Mary. I had met Mary & Gemma on a few occasions and this always helps when we’re not strangers on wedding day.

Two other people that were there on wedding morning, and indeed people I’m not strangers too. The excellent Fiona Coyne on Make Up and Natalie O’Brien looking after hair…two great girls who also help keep everyone grounded on the big day. An added bonus to bump into Gerry from Flowerhaven in Oranmore too… of the wedding industries gentlemen and as always had lovely flowers for Gemma and her bridal party.

I’m sure there were some tough moments for both Gemma and her family on wedding day with the recent passing of their dad, but it was also lovely to witness the several tributes and memorials that were evident throughout the day in his honor.

Wedding Ceremony St Joseph’s Church Galway

We weren’t far from starting time when I arrived at St Joseph’s with james and his men inside awaiting Gemma. I decided to leave them alone and do some photos with them after the ceremony instead. A bunch of funny guys and a man on a bike could see the banter and slagging that went back and forth between them all day. Indeed Fr Downey told a few stories about the lads in their younger days and I’d say that their my kinda men….good craic!!

After the ceremony, we availed of the church for the Family Portraits as well as a handfull of photos of the beautiful Gemma and James. I love St Joseph’s for portraits and the decor supplied by Wedding Couture looked excellent!

We made the short spin to Cookes Bar for a quick drink in James local after the ceremony. A lovely spot with plenty of character and it was nice for the newlyweds to have a pint in their local on their big day.

We headed off to the Claddagh for some portraits after but it was a pretty busy spot. Registrations for the streets of Galway 8K road race was taking place and it was quite busy. Factor in the rain that appeared just as we started taking photos and I started to get anxious about what we would do.

The Circle of Life Gardens Salthill

We decided to head back to Circle Of Life Gardens directly outside the hotel in Salthill. It was still raining somewhat when we arrived there but we were able to take some shelter in the tress and run off some photos with the bridal party before it cleared up shortly afterwards.

I enjoyed our photoshoot here. Gemma had told me prior to the wedding that her new husband James wasn’t too fond of the camera and sometimes that can worry me. With that, I worked as fast as I could and got through things as quick and as jovially as I could, and as a result, found James a gentleman to work with. I was happy with what we had in the bag before heading back across the road to the hotel.

Wedding reception Salthill Hotel

The Salthill Hotel was our final port of call for a wonderful reception. Gemma had a gospel choir entertaining her guests before we arrived and the place was buzzing. Gemma and James had plenty of time to chill out and enjoy same before their dinner…something that I think is quite important on wedding day.

Thanks Gemma and James as well as your bridal party and families for being as accommodating as you were on your special day. I enjoyed your company and the craic and it was definitely an upbeat wedding. I wish you both the very best for the future!

Some images from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

St Joseph’s Church Wedding.

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