A gem of a wedding!

Loved Yvonne and Stephen’s wedding in Glasson Golf and Country Club! Yvonne was a bridesmaid for Ciara (one of her bridesmaids) a few years ago and I was lucky enough to be the photographer for same. I was chuffed when she booked me two years prior to the wedding. As soon as she booked the hotel, she got in touch and we met up….Yvonne was a lady and so easy to talk too and I knew she would be a dote to be around on wedding day.

Wedding morning in Ballinagh Co Cavan

I had a bit of a spin to Ballinagh Co Cavan on wedding morning. It’s possible the longest wedding drive I’ve had in a few years. With the sun shining however, and knowing who I was working with that day, it was all good. I was looking forward to meeting up with Conor Conlon from CMP Productions, we’ve worked together a few times before and seemed to get awesome wedding day footage together. Bizarrely, we’ve also had cracking weather when working together and Yvonne and Stephen’s day was no different.

Stephen was in great spirits with his team of Karl, Julian, Adrian, Darragh and Enda on wedding morning. The lads were ready in plenty of time for a few photos…something that I can categorically say never has happened me before, and we ran off a few shots at his home. A very approachable and likeable guy is Stephen….they say opposites attract but I think Yvonne and Stephen are of similar disposition and think they are very alike!

Yvonne had a roller coaster of emotions to deal with on wedding day. Tragically her mum passed away in May, a few weeks before the wedding. I’ve captured some weddings previously where this has happened and it can be an emotionally overwhelming day for some. Yvonne is a special person however who also has amazing friends. Bridesmaids Aveen, Leanne, Laura, Ciara and Maria were troopers, and indeed it was a privilege to witness their support for Ciara. Yvonne was super, but it was pretty awesome to witness the strong friendships she has with those around her….and how a small quiet smile of support from them some was all that was needed for Yvonne to get through a moment.

Yvonne’s home in Ballinagh had an awesome view…here dad Owen telling me that you could see five counties from same! Having an elevated view, I found it amazing and couldn’t think of a better place to be if you were having a tough day….just step outside and take in the fresh air and the panoramic view on display!

The wedding ceremony took place in Ballinagh Co Cavan. The ceremony was beautiful and thankfully it wasn’t too long as I was conscious that we had a nice spin to Athlone afterwards.
I’m a big fan of getting the Family Portraits completed at the church on wedding days….it’s one less thing to fret about. On occasion when they’re done back in the hotel, it can be near impossible to get everyone in the same place at the same time and indeed this can cause some stress. This stress is removed from a wedding day when we catch them at the church and don’t have to fret about what the rest of the family does after this.
We did the families inside the church as well as some bridal portraits before departing. Yvonne and Stephen stopped in their local pub Cronin’s for a quick drink. Although Conor and I grabbed a couple of images of them outside, we didn’t delay here with Yvonne and Stephen, we were anxious to get to Glasson with it being the best part of an hours drive.

Wedding Reception Glasson Golf and Country House Hotel

I’ve done a few weddings in Glasson and have been exceptionally lucky that on all occasions the weather was splendid! same story when working with Conor!! It has the most amazing landscape with vast areas of wonderfully manicured lakes and forests!
I was happy to see Yvonne and Stephen arrive not too long after Conor and I and we pretty much got straight into the photography side of things. We used the magnificent lawn directly outside the Hotel for photos with the bridal party before being chauffeured by an old friend Gareth Jones (Director of Sales for Glasson) up to one of the highest points of the Golf Course offering majestic views. I thoroughly enjoyed our shoot here. Yvonne and Stephen were so genuinely relaxed and enjoying each others company and this offered some lovely natural and un-posed wedding photography. Wed had some fun both driving to and on the way back from this shoot and we could have gone on for hours such is the wonderful opportunities that exist in Glasson, We were also conscious that this was a wedding day and didn’t want matters to hold Yvonne and Stephen away from their wedding reception for too long.

I loved everything about your wedding day Yvonne and Stephen! Your two good people surrounded buy a host of good people too!
I wish you both the very best in the future and please God we’ll cross paths soon enough again!

Some photos of the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page,

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