Sharon & John’s wedding took place on a beautiful “indian summer’s” day at the end of September! Lovely colors on display, warm temperatures and a bridal party that were “wired” up for a good day meant that this was a damn good wedding!
My job on a wedding day involves capturing photos and creating them too…..but I was very lucky with all of the emotions that were on display in Sharon’s home on wedding morning that all I was mostly doing was capturing what was happening right in front of me. It’s a privilege to shoot someone’s wedding, and indeed it’s a privilege to witness the love and affection that can be very evident on such a big day and there was plenty of it between Sharon and her family, as well as her bridesmaids Edel & Deirdre….it’s truly humbling to be in a position to capture them all.

Wedding Morning in Annaghdown

Caroline Coyne was looking after Sharon’s make up on wedding morning and as always did a super job and it was cool to bump into Jason Nolan who was recording video for Sharon & John….a good guy and a person whose company I always enjoy.
Our wedding got off to a brilliant start in Sharon’s home and we made the short journey to Annaghdown church where Johnny and his groomsmen Niall and Andy were waiting for us. Equally in as good form as the ladies were, we ran off a few shots before Sharon arrived and Fr Ollie had a very punctual ceremony taking place.
Louise from Seamus Flower Sundries had the church looking amazing and afterwards, we availed of the summer sunshine basking on the church grounds for the family portraits before driving as fast as we could to Breaffy in Castlebar…… a hotel that takes no prisoners when it comes to wedding day….no excuses they ring the bell at 5pm for the meal. Being conscious of this, we arrived at the hotel at 4.10pm (going around corners on two wheels getting there with speed) and did our photoshoot at the rear of the hotel where the colors were beautiful. Sharon and Johnny were a dream to with with during this period…listening to whatever advice I gave them and also being conscious of time and we got through our shoot as fast as possible….conscious of the hotel’s policy.

Wedding Reception Breaffy House Hotel

Sharon & Johnny arrived at the hotel at twenty minutes to five and had a short period with family and friends before the bell was rung and everyone took their seats for the meal. Frank Forde comedian had all of the guests entertained after the meal and the turn around time was quite short between that and the band taking to the stage.
I think the photos from the day show the positive frame of mind that both Sharon and Johnny were in on wedding day…they were relaxed and content to trust those suppliers that they hired, and indeed just went with the flow and absorb as much of their special day as they could. For that reason, they were lovely people to be with and I’m grateful that they trusted me with their wedding photography.
Thanks again guys and mind yourselves until we cross paths again!!

Photos from the day are below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Breaffy Wedding Castlebar
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