Always enjoy a wedding in Belmullet! I enjoy the drive there…helps you get your head straight for the day and indeed I feel I’m better prepared when arriving!
Michelle was a bridesmaid at a previous weddings I shot and knew what to expect from a wedding day. I have fond memories of Sara’s wedding (when Michelle was a Bridesmaid)….snowfall on Valentine’s day and I remember how majestic Ballintubber Abbey looked when she arrived. Michelle didn’t have any snow but there was definitely a few showers in the air and we would have to plan the day accordingly.

Wedding Morning in Doohama Mayo

Michelle’s preparations took place in Doohama and it was a lively and jovial spot on wedding morning. Bridesmaids Sara, Jennifer, Siobhán, Natalie and Katie were looking after all of Michelle’s needs…and doing it in a bubbly and fun manner……can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have people like this beside on you on your big day! It was aslo great to work with Leon Costelloe Wedding Films who were looking after everything video related….my first time working with them and great guys!
Michelle was in great form and a very approachable bride on wedding morning….loved being in her company ( as well as that of her bridesmaids and parents) so I headed off quite happily to Ciarán and the lads at the church.

Wedding Ceremony Glencastle Belmullett

Tony, Kyle, Michael, Seán, Jason and Michael were the groomsmen for the big day and they were an equally positive bunch of people as the bridesmaids were. We didn’t have too long to wait before the punctual Michelle arrived at the church and we got proceedings under way.
A man on a bike can see how besotted Ciarán is with Michelle….I’m not saying the feelings aren’t reciprocated by Michelle, but I’ll just put it out there that from the moment she walked up the aisle, Ciarán couldn’t do enough for her all day…and it was lovely to observe…a consummate gentleman!
After the ceremony, we availed of the shelter of the church for the family portraits (the rains were starting to fall at this time) before nipping out side to avail of the beautiful Fresh Crepes that the newlyweds had arranged for their guests!

Wedding Photos Srah Beach

Srah beach was our next port of call. I was feeling a bit nervous as the rain was bouncing of the windshield as were we driving there….but miraculously it stopped just as we arrived. I’m a big fan of bridal parties bring some nourishment and drinks with them for the photo shoot…helps us all relax a bit, but fair play to Ciaran for putting that on hold for a few minutes while we tried to avail of the dry weather for some images before the rain came again…much appreciated chief!
Luckily the bridal party got to eat and drink at the beach and the rain only started as we were driving back to the hotel again….love it when we seem to get the best of the day like this!!

Wedding Reception Broadhaven Bay Hotel

The Broadhaven Bay Hotel was our final stop and it was great to arrive back there with Michelle and Ciarán having plenty of time to mingle with family and friends before the meal.
I had a super day with you both Michelle and Ciaran (..and great to see you and your little family too Sara) and I wish you both the very best for the future…please God we’ll cross paths again soon.

Some images from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Wedding Belmullett Mayo

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