Orla and John were recently married in Ballyforan Co Galway with a wedding reception in the Salthill Hotel.

I know Orla’s sister Brenda pretty well which is probably one of the main reasons why I got booked for this wedding. As always, when someone recommends you, the last thing you want to do is let them down!

Wedding Morning in Ballyforan

Orla’s preparations took place in her home which is about a mile outside the town of Ballyforan. As always, it was brilliant to bump into Helga Kampff from It’s Fabulous who was looking after Orla’s hair on wedding day…..Helga’s a lady and I always enjoy crossing paths with her on wedding days. Great to start the day off with a hug from Helga, and then Brenda (Orla’s sister and Maid Of Honor) was the second face so the hugs were flowing and I was at ease straight away.

It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone seemed to be chilled out and looking forward to what they day would offer. Bridesmaids Brenda, Marie, Patricia and Siobhán were in great spirits and fair play to them for being ready on time too. It seems to be a tradition in Orla’s home for relations to call prior to the wedding. There was a lovely atmosphere with everyone outside enjoying the sunshine and Caimin Jacob who was looking after video and I were very happy with the footage we got before heading off to the church .

Ballyforan Church

Bizarrely I had shot a wedding the week before Orla’s in Four Roads Co Roscommon. I had never met the local priest prior to the wedding in Four Roads, but it was ironic that he was also looking after the parish of Ballyforan too!

Just like the Bridesmaids, John and his groomsmen consisting of Thomas, Damien, Gary and Kenneth were equally in good form and seemed to be up for any craic or devilment on the day.

The church looked stunning and a special word has to given to Orla’s mum Carmel who was responsible for the wonderful floral displays that were on display…take a bow Carmel.

When the ceremony was over, I’m a big fan of getting family portraits completed on the church grounds, it allows your family to relax and do what they want when they arrive back at the hotel. We completed them very quickly before getting some nourishment from the lovely Vintage Parlour that Orla and John had arranged.

Salthill Hotel Galway

We made the journey back to Salthill and went straight into the Memorial gardens which are directly outside the Salthill Hotel for our photo shoot with the Bridal Party. I’d like to think that we have some fun during this time and that the Bridal Party enjoy themselves somewhat. After 10/15 minutes shooting, we let the bridesmaids and groomsmen head into the Salthill Hotel while Orla and John took a quick stroll across the road to the Prom while the sun was still shining. There’s a lot of goodwill on display on wedding days and I always enjoy watching strangers offer their good wishes to the newlyweds, be it on the prom, in the Claddagh or on Quay Street…it’s always lovely to watch.

The Salthill Hotel was our final port of call. I’m used to doing a lot of weddings there, but it took on a different appearance on Orla and John’s day. the table plan for example consisted of photo portraits of all of their guests…first time seeing this at a wedding and though it looked amazing.

After the meal, I was delighted wen Orla suggested that herself and John would take a stroll along the Promenade again…work off some of the dinner! Caimin and I got some lovely footage as the newlyweds walked to the end of the Prom, kicked the wall, and then headed over the the diving boards for a quick photo. It was such a calm evening, no breeze and Salthill has a true Coast De Salthill vibe to it. I enjoyed the walk and talk with Orla and John during this period. they are an exceptionally grounded and approachable couples and it was an extremely enjoyable day for me to be around them and indeed their families.

Not long after we returned to the hotel, the super Conquerors had the dancefloor hopping. probably Galways oldest and most established bands certainly knows how to get people dancing.

Thanks so much Orla for trusting me with your wedding photography….hope I didn’t let Brenda down. I thoroughly enjoyed your company, and very much enjoyed our chat and stroll on the Prom during sunset. I wish you both the very best and please God we’ll cross paths in the future again.

Some images from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Salthill Hotel Wedding
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