Lynne and Henning were recently married in St Nicholas’ Church Galway followed by a reception in the Ardilaun House Hotel.
They were very unfortunate with the bad weather that we happened to receive that bank holiday weekend….in particular with family and friends traveling from Germany.
It didn’t dampen their spirits however! Lyne and Henning are two people that I found very easy to work and engage with. Lynne’s initial inquiry was a joy to read….full of wit and charm and the polar opposite of the wedding inquiries that I usually receive. We met up in January and had a chat about their big day and I was truly delighted when they booked me.

We experienced some lovely summer weather shortly before Lynne and Hennings big day. I felt sorry for them that their guests didn’t get to see Galway in it’s summer sunshine. It’s a completely different place. Their positive attitude however was something that everyone else fed from and we had a wonderful day.

St Nicholas Collegiate Church

The ceremony took place in St Nicholas’ Church in Galway City. I had worked there previously but not with Canon Lynda Peilow who was most helpful and approachable. Being as welcoming and approachable as she was helps immensely on a wedding day. Canon Lynda was aware we all had jobs to do and working together we could all achieve the best outcome for Lynne and Henning. St Nicholas Choir performed the music…which was distractedly beautiful. The ebb and flow of their tones are truly remarkable and you would imagine that your listening to a CD if you didnt know otherwise.

The Quad NUIG

We used the shelter of the church for the Family Portraits before heading up the road and working in the Quad in NUIG for the bridal portraits. It’s a popular spot for wedding photos. It offers shelter from both the wind and rain and indeed has wonderful lighting under the arches along with beautiful landscaped gardens. Although this was a Thursday wedding, it was still a popular spot in the day…indeed three wedding couples were there availing of it. The Best Man Ralf waited in the car as long as he could. Although I thought it was a mild day (temperature wise), Ralf was shivering and stayed in the car with the heat on until the last possible minute!! I enjoyed the chat with Lynne and Henning here…as well of course as Ralf and bridesmaid Karen.

Ardilaun Hotel

Our final stop was the Ardilaun Hotel in Taylors Hill. The newlyweds had plenty of time to mingle with family and friends when they arrived…all of the formal photography being covered before our arrival. This is something I always try to achieve…try and allow the bride and groom plenty of time with their loved one to live experience their wedding day as much as possible.

Many thanks Lynne and Henning for being two super people to work with. Good to meet you on the Prom the following week and please God our paths will cross again in the future. I wish you both the very best in Germany and thanks again to your family and friends for being so welcoming and friendly on your wedding day

Images from the day are below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.
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Wedding St Nicholas Church Galway

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