Joanne and Alan’s weddings was an exceptionally enjoyable one from my point of view, really good memories from it! I love weddings in the Claregalway Hotel and they had the perfect day for one!
People might read this and wonder what makes a wedding a good one, or an enjoyable one from a photographers point of view?
To try and explain it simply, it’s being around people on a wedding day and being totally comfortable in their company, and indeed feeding off the positive energy that they omit. Joanne and Alan are a couple who I met on a few occasions prior to the wedding and always enjoyed their company….we also did a studio portrait shoot and they were simply class to work with…..I was always looking forward to their wedding day and when it finally arrived and we had some sunshine, I knew it was going to be a good one!

Wedding morning in the Claregalway Hotel

Joanne’s preparations took place in the Claregalway Hotel and I could hear the fun they were having from outside their room when I arrived….indeed it may have been John Murphy of Avalon Video who was entertaining them as I arrived! Jacinta and Pamela were Joanne’s bridesmaids, and indeed it was a breath of fresh air to find out that they liked photos and I didn’t get the customary “keep that camera away from me” direction from anyone all day!
Joanne was so thoughtful on wedding morning that she had a bottle of water for both John Murphy and I in her room…and had them both labeled so we knew which was which (so thoughtful as we’re both John’s).
Back to St Mary’s Church in Headford for the wedding and I bumped into Alan and his groomsmen Jonathan and Erik. I covered Erik’s wedding a couple of years ago and i think that helped me a lot on wedding day…the fact that some people know you means that you don’t have to prove yourself or indeed your personality on wedding morning….they simply trusted me.
Brian Jarvis of Corporate Wedding Cars Galway was responsible for having the bridal party arrive promptly which helps immensely on wedding days!
Brenda Grealis was responsible for the lovely wedding music and after the very funny and witty ceremony we headed to Joanne and Alan’s local Thatch Bar in Headford for a quick pint! Sometimes it can put you on the back foot timewise when we make a stop in a pub for a few photos, but Joanne and Alan had great awareness regarding time and indeed that jobs that she was paying John Murphy and I to so with the result that they had a comfortable pint and with out delaying we headed into the Claddagh in Galway which was basking in the summer sunshine for some images followed by a stroll up Quay Street.
The super Claregalway Hotel was our final port of call and we even had a few minutes to spare to run off a few more images of the brilliant couple for the bell was rung for the meal.
Joanne and Alan, your two super people. You know yourselves how good you day was and I’m grateful to you both for trusting me with your wedding photography.
Looking forward to crossing paths again in the bear future guys, and until them, mind yourselves!!

Some photos from the day are below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page. Click on this link to see another wedding from the Claregalway Hotel

Claregalway Hotel Wedding
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