Anita and Stephen’s were married in St Mary’s Church Castlebar Mayo followed by a reception in the Mulranny Park Hotel!
They were lucky to have the fine heat/weather that we experienced for large parts of the summer….indeed the sight of guests gulping down ice creams after the ceremony or having beverages outside the hotel back at the reception all add to the enjoyment for everyone and creates a lot of good vibes!
Anita and Stephen called into me a couple of weeks prior to the wedding and we did a rough plan of action for the day, and indeed got to know each other somewhat…this always helps matters on wedding day.

Wedding St Mary’s Church Castlebar

Anita’s preparations were taking place not to far from St Mary’s church…less then 5 minutes in actual fact which was handy. Bridesmaids Irene, Áine, Denise and Michelle ensured that there was a lot of positive energy on wedding morning…such a treat to be around people like this on a wedding day, and indeed thanks so much to Anita’s parents Bina and Jody for their warm welcome and hospitality.
After catching Anita’s preparations, I made the short spin to the church….I normally run off some images of the groom with his groomsmen before the ceremony, but we were struggling to round up all the guys beforehand so I just settled on a few seconds with the gentleman that is Stephen before the punctual Anita arrived.
Fr Eustace celebrated the ceremony……such a gentleman that has an amazing way with people. I dare say if every parish had someone like him, the church wouldn’t be able to accommodate all the mass goers. Warm, embracing, sincere, genuine and exudes serenity being my way of describing him.

Mulranny Wedding Photography

After mass, we did our Family portraits at the church grounds before making the 45 minute drive to Mulranny beach for some images. Given that it was a 1.30pm ceremony and the drive to get to the beach, time wasn’t on our side. arriving at 4.45. Anita and Stephen were first to arrive so we ran of shots of just the two of them before the groomsmen Brian, Anthony, Simon and Dan arrived followed by the bridesmaids a few minutes later. From a photographers point of view, I’m always eager to try and take the bridal portraits as promptly as I can to enable to have the bride and groom to have as much time as possible with their family and friends back at the hotel before the bell is rung for the meal. We were somewhat on the ‘hind foot on this day because of the slightly later ceremony time and the time taken to drive there……but Anita and Stephen were class….taking everything in their stride and simply enjoying each others company which helped me immensely

Wedding Reception Mulranny Park Hotel

Mulranny Park Hotel was our final port of call….such a wonderful setting for a wedding with glorious elevated views of the Mayo land and seascape.
Thanks so much Anita and Stephen for trusting me with your wedding photography….and for simply being the nice and genuine down to earth people that you were on wedding day. I was totally comfortable in your company, and indeed in that of your family and friends and I’m entirely grateful for that.
I wish you both the very best for the future and please God we’ll cross paths again soon.

Images from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page

Photo Slideshow Mulranny Park Hotel
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