Michelle and John’s winter wedding in the Falls Hotel Ennistymon

I loved Michelle and John’s wedding last Christmas in the Falls Hotel Ennistymon Co Clare. Michelle is a nurse, and I’ve mentioned it in previous blogs that I love working with them. They’re compassionate and tend not to sweat the small stuff. They have an awareness and gratitude that their jobs give them and it makes them the most wonderful of people to be around on their big day….and Michelle and John’s was no different.
Michelle’s preparations took place in her home less than 5 minutes from Kinvarra. Bridesmaids Frankie, Ita, Ava and Róisín were in good spirits along with the most beautiful of flowergirls, Allysha!
Declan Gleeson from SES Video was looking after the video side of things. I’ve worked with Declan before and he’s a great guy so it was nice to bump into him at Michelle’s home. Another familar face was Gerry from Flowerhaven….a gentleman and a good guy and we always have a chin wag when we cross paths on wedding day. The girls were very organized and fair play to Fiona from FMN Make Up and Hair by Latifa the Coco Lounge who had everything very much running on time. With winter weddings, dusk can arrive on us quite quickly so it’s important from a timings point of view that everything goes nice and smooth on wedding day.

After capturing the beautiful Michelle after she changed into her wedding dress, I was grateful to be heading off to John and the lads in St Colmans Church Kinvarra with time very much on my side….a dream start for me.

John was accompanied by groomsmen Michael, Johnny, Seán and Patrick…all good men. The lads were very receptive to having a few images captured before the ceremony…and they did it all with a spring in their step which made it so much easier for me…thanks guys!

After the ceremony it was pretty damp so we used the shelter of the church for the family portraits…and indeed the church looked splendid so we ran off a few bridal portraits before leaving.
With the day being a small bit damp, I wasn’t sure if Michelle would be enthusiastic about some outdoor photos. We had planned on going to Dunguaire Castle as well as the pier in Kinvarra for a shoot. I admired Michelle and John’s frame of mind…both wanting to make the most of their wedding day and powering on to Dunguaire Castle to grab some photos. Fortune favors the brave and it was dry when we arrived there! We spent 5 minutes grabbing some images before heading back to the pier in Kinvarra to meet up with the bridal party and doing some more. We had a bit of craic here….something that you’d find hard to imagine on a damp winters day, but it all emanated from the positivity of Michelle and John and indeed the good choice of people that they selected for their bridal party…thanks so much for your time and energy guys.

Our final port of call was the Falls Hotel in Ennistymon. A wonderful venue and it had been several years since I worked there. Michelle and John arrived in the most wonderful Red Rolls Royce (brilliant color for a winter wedding and supplied by Heffernan Wedding Cars Dublin), and given that they would have become quite comfortable and relxed when they arrived after the 50 minutes spin, they were enthusiastic to grab some more images by the waterfalls…music to my ears. We arrived just after 5pm so dusk had fallen but grabbed what we could before getting them into the warm and very welcoming hotel.

After the meal, Michelle and John had a lovely moment where they got all of their guests onto the front of the hotel and lit a few hundred sparklers! I was aware that were were trying to do a sparkler shot, but didn’t know the scale of it. It was wonderful and everybody enthusiastically committing to it!

Finally, the excellent Blue Moose wedding band had the place hopping for the rest of the evening…wonderful band with awesome music!

Michelle and John, your two good people! An awesome day for me and nothing short of a treat to be with two people that are as grounded, warm, happy and jovial as yourselves!
I wish you both the very best and please God we’ll cross paths again in the future!
Some photos of the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page!

Photo Slideshow from Falls Hotel Ennistymon
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