I really enjoyed Teresa and Brendan’s wedding in the Lodge at Ashford. It was a great wedding to work at….and while being conscious that I say this regarding a lot of the weddings I work at, I’ll explain as best I can why.
If you were to ask someone, what makes a wedding a good wedding….a lot of people would probably answer that it’s dependent on the weather, the venue, the band, the food etc…..where as all those things may play some role in your guests enjoying a wedding, the thing that plays the biggest role for me is the people that are involved in it and indeed their persona’s and how they approach their wedding day.
Teresa and Brendan were two class people to be around om their wedding day….indeed arriving at Teresa’s home, you sense the calmness and indeed everyone in pretty good form. The weather was average at best…..this didn’t stop bridesmaids Valerie, Jackie and Gemma from being the happy people that they were….brilliant help and support to Teresa on wedding day.
The mornings preparations were helped bt eh fact that they had Siobhán from the Make Up Fairies and Aisling K looking after them…two great girls who are always punctual in having the bride as well as being two great people to chin wag with. Avalon Video (John Murphy) were looking after the video side of matters so all in all, Teresa had a great team around her on wedding day.
Teresa’s preparations took place in her family’s home just outside Oranmore and I enjoyed the chats I had with her mum Ann on wedding morning. Teresa was ready in plenty of time on wedding morning which allowed me time to get to Cong Church and photography Brendan and his groomsmen Alan, Adam and Shane.
I mentioned earlier that the weather wasn’t the best on wedding day….blustery with some showers but it was dry when I arrived with the lads and fair play to them for giving the photography side op things some time before the ceremony. Unfortunately, by the time Teresa arrived (…punctually I might add), the rain was down and indeed it was down for the rest of the day.
The charismatic Fr Diarmuid from Oranmore celebrated the wedding and Sinéad Nic Gabhain accompanied by Seán Rowland looked after the music side of things and sounded awesome!
There were several moments during this ceremony that were pretty cool to observe at close quarters….the gentleman Brendan who always holding Teresa’s hand and letting her know he was there for her. Ann (Teresa’s mum} and Hugh )(Brendan’s dad) and their reactions to a lot of moments during the ceremony…and indeed the their conversations from the pews with Fr Diarmuid….a treat to witness it all!
When the ceremony was finished, we used the shelter of the church for the family portraits (still raining outside), and indeed took a few bridal portraits there too as we weren’t sure what we’d get with regards to outdoor photography.
The very positive frame of mind that Teresa and Brendan were in meant they they were willing to attempt to grab some photos outside in Ashford Castle…music to my ears, and indeed to Videographer, John Murphy. The rain started to fall a bit heavier so with two umbrellas, Teresa and Brendan stood underneath two large trees in Ashford for a couple of minutes and allowed John and I to grab some footage….but being conscious of the elements and not wanting to make Teresa and Brendan uncomfortable with same, we headed back to the Lodge. While en route to the Lodge, we drove through the forested area between the Lodge and the castle and realized that there was a lot of shelter there and it was heartening to see the newlyweds jumping at the request to stop there for another brief shoot. It’s this positive frame of mind that really helps me and indeed other wedding suppliers on a wedding day. From a photography point of view, these are the memories that we’ll have for future generations to come and this didn’t seem to be lost on Teresa and Brendan…..such a breath of fresh air not having to cajole people into a photo shoot on a damp day!
We arrived back in the Lodge in time to grab a handful more shots out the back with the bridal party before Teresa and Brendan chilling and enjoying time with family an friends….a very important time of the day for them!
My day finished just after the speeches which were at the start of the meal…..and there were several lovely moments during these that were pulling on the auld heart strings!
I enjoyed everything about Teresa and Brendan’s day….a day that had plenty of good people and all in good spirits.
Thanks for trusting me with the photography side of things Teresa and Brendan and your wedding album will be with you within the next fortnight…..I look forward to catching up with you again then!

Some images from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.
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Photo Slideshow from the Lodge At Ashford
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