Natasha and Damien’s wedding in the Clayton Hotel Galway was an extremely enjoyable one. Being a Headford wedding, there was a lot of familiar faces and plenty of chin wagging with guests….a very informal and laid back feel to the day for me!
It’s hard to say whether Natasha and Damien were lucky or unlucky with regards to the weather…..granted there was rain on wedding morning, and given that we experienced loads of sunshine and plenty of high temperatures right up to night before the wedding, in ways they were unlucky that it was a wet morning. The other side of the coin meant that the fresher weather made the day far more enjoyable for the bridal party and indeed the bride… can be pretty uncomfortable and warm wearing a wedding dress on a very hot day!
I’ve known Natasha and Damien for a while now…indeed I photographed Damien’s sister Majella’s wedding a number of years ago….I think this helps us all when we know each other and the day is a lot more informal as a result.

Wedding Morning in Luimnagh

There were a few familiar faces in majell’s home when I made the short spin there on wedding morning. Mike Flannery was looking after the video side of things for Natasha and Damien and the first friendly face that I saw. Natsha’s home was a hive of activity…and indeed inactivity!! The ladies were busy hustling and bustling in order to get ready for the bid day that it was …..while the lads’s were almost horizontal in their laid back frame of mind….there was hurling on TV and was commanding their attention!!
The Bridesmaids consisted of Síle, Teigan, Katelyn, Leah-Jane and Alanna….and all great people to be around.
Cathy Mannion from Pamper U Beauty and Body Clinic was responsible for the make up while the excellent Marie Geraghty looked after the hair side of things. The banter was good fun on wedding morning and thanks to Bernie and Michael for having such a welcoming home on wedding day!
U2R1 and Galway Corporate Cars looked after Natasha and her bridesmaids for their spin to the church.

St Mary’s Church Headford

I arrived at the church moments before Natasha, so didn’t get to spend any time with Damien and the his groomsmen Erik , Johnathan, Martin and Adrian prior to the ceremony….but we made up for that afterward. They’re a great bunch of guys…..very easy to approach and have the craic with and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Indeed I covered the Best Man Erik’s wedding a couple of years ago so maybe he done some ground work for me before the big day….thanks Eric!
After the ceremony, the rain clouds started to rise and we got the opportunity to do a bridal shoot down by Luimnagh Pier en route to the hotel. Luimnagh is a lovely spot with a lovely piece of nature on display (and practically on Natasha’s door step)….but Murphy’s Law it got a bit too bright with a strong glare of the lake…so much so that we had to retreat to a nearby sheltered spot to grab some images where we weren’t squinting quite as much. Everyone was in good spirits here though and I really appreciate everyone’s co-operation with regards to the photos….all in good form and making my job exceptionally easy with their willingness and PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).

Clayton Hotel Wedding Reception

Our final port of call was the excellent Clayton Hotel in Galway….a place I love working in….super team players with the Wedding Co-coordinator Karina being simply the best at her job… working with her!
I loved the cake that Natasha and Damien…all the work of Marie Walsh from Annaghdown……and indeed the cake topper from Your Perfect Finish was custom made and simply excellent for Natasha and Damien’s awesome cake.
I really enjoyed your wedding guys…and indeed the great frame of mind that you were both in. Damien had mentioned previously that photos weren’t his thing…..but I certainly wouldn’t have thought so as he was a top bloke to work with on wedding day….as of course was his beautiful wife!
Thanks guys for trusting me with your wedding photography and I’ll look forward to us crossing paths again in the near future!!

Photos from the day are below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page

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