Edel & Alex were recently married in nearby Caherlistrane just outside Headford and had a lovely reception in the Knockranny House Hotel Westport!
Thankfully it was a lovely day and temperatures had cooled down from the highs of the previous few weeks which we experienced…and although it was lovely, we weren’t used to it!
Edel was such a lady to be with on wedding day…as was her family and friends. Her home in Caherlistrane was very welcoming, but also lovely and relaxed with no fusses or dramas on wedding morning. Thanks Michael & Anne for your lovely welcome, and indeed fair play to bridesmaids Fiona, Anna-Marie & Rosheen for their craic and banter..all adding to the good vibes emanating from Caherlistrane on wedding morning.
This was also the second wedding in a row that I experienced where there was a 12.30 ceremony….absolutely brilliant for the newly weds…not too much time clock watching and indeed help us make up the hour long journey to the Knockranny House Hotel in Westport for the reception.
The super Natalie O’Brien was looking after all the hair styles on wedding morning and Grainee McLoughlin from Mac in Galway looked after all of the make up…fair pay to both of them for being punctual and efficient..and good craic!! The banter flowed back and forth and John Murphy from Avalon Video as always added to the joviality on wedding day!
The journey to the church was a short one and I met up with Alex and his groomsmen consisting of Daniel, Michael and DJ….all up for some fun and banter too….super start to the wedding day. I met Alex’s parents too, Teresa & Tony….feeling a small bit pf pressure as Tony is an excellent man with a camera to hand!
It was also super to meet his Alex’s grandparents….Eva and John in particular who made the journey from Boston USA at the young ages of 96 and 94. Indeed a vivid memory I have from Edel & Alex’s wedding is the sight of Eva & John out strutting their stuff on their dance floor (right in front of the loud speakers too!!) when I was leaving the hotel well into the night and late celebrations!! We had plenty of time for images before the ceremony and fair play to Edel too for being a punctual bride…all good remedies for an enjoyable day for the newly weds as well as their guests.
The church looked awesome…flowers by Breda…great job! Not alone did it look awesome, but also sounded awesome…and that was thanks to the Corrib String Quartet.
The ceremony went off without a hitch….possibly the only difficult part being when I listened to Alex’s grandmother Eva doing the communion refection…there must have been a lot of dust floating around the top of the church as there was a lot of us struggling with wattery eyes…dust getting caught in our throats I think….nothing to do with the powerful message or words spoken with wisdom from Eva!
After the ceremony we did the family portraits on the grounds of the church…..big fan of doing this as it frees up your families as soon as we get them done and they can do what they like back at the hotel.
We were about to hop into the cars and make the journey to Cong where we were going to do the bridal shoot, when I pushed the boat out and asked Edel would she be interested in stepping into the field opposite the church for a couple of photos…some nice fresh bales of hay there. I wouldn’t normally ask brides to do this…I wouldn’t like to make them feel uncomfortable or indeed make them feel obliged to do something uncomfortable on wedding day, but Edel is a lady and I felt so comfortable in her company that I offered her the option….and was delighted that both her and Alex were up for same!! So with her Louis Vuitton wedding shoes, she strolled into a farmers field and we ran off some cool shots!! Your a star Edel, really appreciated your efforts here!!
We made the journey to the majestic Cong and got some more images in the bag…all amidst more craic and banter before making the final journey to Knockranny Hotel.
Again, going with a 12.30 ceremony was a gift…we spent an hour in the car driving from
Caherlistrane to Knockranny…but Edel & Alex had plenty of time to relax with family and friends before their dinner…..being in a position to absorb as much of their wedding day as possible, thanks to their forward planning.
The stunning wedding cake was by Sandra’s Cake House and after a tasty meal and witty speeches, the excellent Concord Entertainment had a full dance floor all night!!
Thanks so much for trusting me with your wedding photography Edel & Alex….your two good people and I enjoyed your wedding day. It was a gift to witness all of it’s moments at close quarters and I’d be a liar too if not mentioning the impact Eva & John had on me. I wish you both the very best…my greatest wish that you have a happy and healthy life just as Eva & John and please God in 60/70 years time, you’ll both be hammering the dance floor at a wedding just like them!!

Photos from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Photo Slideshow

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