Siobhán and Stephen were recently married in Aghagower Mayo followed by a wedding reception in the Ocean Sands Hotel Enniscrone.
This was truly a fantastic wedding day. Although we experienced truly horrific weather, it was the positive spirits of everyone involved with the day, and indeed the love that was on display between Siobhan and Stephen that made it truly memorable!
John Murphy of Avalon Video was looking after the Video side of things…and although we had only about 20 yards to walk from our cars to Siobhan’s home on wedding day, we got drenched wet with the torrential rain that was coming down sideways in sheets! ironically, once we got inside, the calm/fun/jovial demeanor of everyone (not least Siobhán) took everyone’s mind from the bad weather outside.

Kathleen (Siobhán’s Aunt) along with her sister and bridesmaid Olivia, and two other bridesmaids Amy and Danielle made up the “Ladies Team” on wedding day….good people to have around you too! We had some good banter I enjoyed the morning with the Christmas tunes coming through on the radio too!

Aughagower church was about a 5 minute drive from Siobhan’s. The rain was still coming down in sheets, so much so that there was practically zero photographs taken outside before the ceremony….guests were well wrapped up arriving at the church!

Stephen had the company of Dave, Rob, Brendan and Martin for the “boys team”…and they were every bit as jovial and approachable as the girls! I appreciate their efforts for the few photos before the ceremony.

A beautiful vintage 1953 Morris Minor was the chariot that brought Siobhan to the church…and indeed her driver’s name escapes me as I write this, but it was his 25 year wedding anniversary on the same day (as well as the same church)!!

The ceremony was beautiful with music being provided by Siobhán’s friends…they sounded excellent. They were upstaged later however, Siobhán grabbing hold of the Microphone after the vows and serenading her husband….truly awesome stuff to watch and indeed listen to…..the photos show the proud man that Stephen was after Siobhan’s performance.

After the ceremony, with the rain still coming down sideways, we did the Family Portraits as well as Bridal portraits in the. Although I’m not a fan of taking a lot of portraits in the one spot, it looked like the weather God’s weren’t playing ball with us and we had to avail of whatever shelter we could.

We made the journey to the Ocean sands Hotel in Enniscrone…and then something amazing happened. As we drove through the town of Ballina and headed out the Sligo Road, the rain started to ease somewhat. Even more bizarrely, a few minutes later when we arrived in Enniscrone, the rain had completely stopped and indeed there was a magnificent sunset developing. So, when the newlyweds arrived, and being the lovely grounded people that they are, John Murphy and I asked them would they nip out the back of the hotel and over to the beach for a few images….and fair play to them for jumping at it. It was brilliant. It was one of those occasions where your ducks lined up in a row and things went swimmingly for us. It’s truly a treat to be around people like Siobhan and Stephen on their wedding days, people that are grounded and seem to have great awareness. Given the weather that they experienced up to that point, they had reason to be somewhat deflated but they were so positive all day long. So I was delighted that we got some of the images we did at the beach….not just because it was a spectacular sunset and a photographers dream….but more so because these two people were entirely deserving of it with their wonderful wedding day attitude!
My last port of call was the Ocean Sands and it was great to bump into the wonderful Fiona Newell from Cascading Chocolate Fountains…Fiona was set up in the reception area and looking after the sugar requirements for Siobhan and Stephen’s guests.

When I was driving home a short time later, the rain was poring from the heavens again…felt really happy that we got something special from the day that simply didn’t seem possible.
Thank you so much Siobhán and Stephen for trusting me with your wedding photography and for simply being the people you were on your wedding day…it was an extremely enjoyable for me and indeed the rest of your wedding suppliers.
I wish you both the very best and please God we’ll cross paths again in the future….until then, mind yourselves!
Some images from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page!

Ocean Sands Hotel Wedding Slideshow
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