Trisha & Keith’s wedding took place in the Claregalway Hotel Co Galway.

A winter wedding where practically everything went right for us on the big day day….not least of all the form of young Neasa who simply upstaged mum dad….all in a good way though!

Trisha and Keith had a Civil ceremony wedding in the Claregalway Hotel in Late November. This can be a tricky time of the year with regards to wedding photography and indeed the opportunity for getting some outdoors. Thankfully, it was a splendid day and we were able to nip across the road to the newly re-furbished Claregalway Castle for photos after the ceremony

Trisha’s wedding preparations took place in the Claregalway Hotel….nice and handy with no long spin to a church on your wedding day! She was surrounded by bridesmaids Catherine, Helen and Mary Teresa ( whose wedding I photographed a couple of years ago)…three good people that were showing plenty of humor and shenanigans on wedding day!

While the girls were changing into their dresses for the wedding, I nipped downstairs to Keith and his groomsmen Darragh, Matt and Paul who gave me a few minutes of photography before all of their wedding guests started to arrive and demand some of their attention.

When I was finished with the lads, I nipped back up to the ladies and was delighted to see that young Neasa had called for a visit and she was in terrific form! I’ve been at weddings where young kids simply have off days….demand a lot of mum and dads attention is is simply out of sorts…..luckily, young Neasa was the polar opposite of this, and we all so loved who she was on the big day! Smiles on tap, interacting with everyone (…including the strange photographer) and simply being a joy. Whatever she ate that morning Trisha and Keith, give the formula to future brides and grooms with kids!!

After the ceremony, Mike Flannery who was looking after the Video side of things and I went across the road to the Claeregalway Castle to grab some bridal party footage. It was my first time being in the place and it was ideal; for some photography/Videography. Fair play to Trisha and Keith not going with a later 3pm ceremony time which is quite often the case with ceremonial weddings at hotels. When this happens, there is very often little or no time for photography…..thankfully we didn’t experience this on their big day. When they arrived back at the hotel after our shoot, they had ample time to mix with family and friends in the Claregalway Hotel before the bell was rung for their dinner. This time with family and friends is very important in my book….you want to relax and absorb as much of your wedding day as possible and an earlier ceremony enables you time to accomplish that.

Thanks very much Trisha and Keith for the time and energy you gave me on wedding days. I thoroughly enjoyed your company, and indeed the craic that we on your wedding day. You were too good people, in a good “headspace”. I think a lot of this is to do with being a parent and the awareness that comes with same….that’s what I’m putting it down to anyway!
Please God we’ll cross paths again sometime in the future guys and until then, mind yourselves.
Some photos of the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

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