Having shot a couple of weddings for Michéal’s family, and indeed how enjoyable they were, I was really looking forward to Louise & Michéal’s big day out in the Diamond Coast Hotel Enniscrone!
I love Enniscrone and it’s wonderful landscape, and indeed love their wedding venue The Diamond Coast Hotel…and in particular the wedding co-ordinator Mary Clarke who is a true team player so there was a lot to look forward to about the day!
I made a very brief stop to Michéal’s home on the morning of the wedding while en route to Louise’s home. It was great to meet up with Best Man Pat (whose wedding I shot two years ago) as well as Karl (shot his wedding six or seven years ago?) Alan and Brendan…all familiar faces and all good guys whose company you enjoy and feel relaxed in…as well of course as the banter which flows among the lot of them. I’d say that you’d have to be thick skinned to be in their company such is the “back and forth” that flows between them….but I’m aware that it’s all in jest and they all give as good as they get!
After the brief visit to Michéal, it was onto Louise’s home and meet up with her family and bridesmaids. A very welcoming house (thank you Kathleen and Martin), and enjoyed the preparations among the very happy out bridesmaids Sharon, Nicola, Lisa & Ruth. It was also a treat to bump into Michael Clarke who was looking after the video side of things for Michéal & Louise……I’ve worked quite a bit with Michael and always enjoy his company….and indeed we have many good chats through out the day!
Louise’s home is only a couple of minutes from the church in Castleconnor so there was no excuse for being late…..and fair play to her, she wasn’t!
Fr Fergal MacDonagh celebrated the mass and I thoroughly enjoyed his sharing…witty and easy to listen to while at the same time delivering some thought provoking messages….great ceremony!
The rains had started to fall a lot heavier when mass was over so we availed of the shelter of the church for the family portraits and I always spend some time doing some bridal stuff here too in case we don;t get the opportunity to do much else in another venue. The weather didn’t show any signs of improvement and when we finished doing the families and some bridal portraits, it was a breath of fresh air to listen to Louise and Michéal suggesting that we should try and get some photos in Warren Walk. I had never been there before and was unsure what to expect, but it was a haven in that we had a lot shelter from overhanging trees and it enabled us to grab some outdoor images which are always less posed and have a more informal look to the more formal staged indoor ones!
I really our few minutes at warren Walk….and it was mainly absorbing all the positivity that the bridal party had. It was actually piddling rain…but under the shelter of the trees, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were all having the craic and enjoying the life event that they were all playing a part in…..and it was cool to be among it and experience it all. Nobody focusing on the rain but rather simply enjoying each others company and it’s ironic that it’s moments like that that I treasure as bizarre as it may seem….real people being really happy!
As we were leaving warren Point, the rain did get somewhat lighter and again Michael and Louise were into getting some more images at the top of the beach if possible. ANYTHING is possible with a positive mental attitude..and the newlyweds and their bridal party had buckets of that! We made one last stop at the viewing point at the top of the beach before making our way back to the excellent Diamond Coast Hotel for the reception.
Thanks so much Louise & Michéal for being diamonds to work with. A wise old lady once said to me, “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”……well going on the people that you had around you on your big day, I can tell you your two good people…..but those that know you will be aware of that already!
I appreciate you trusting me with your wedding photography….and indeed for simply being the people who you were on the day itself…..a treat to witness same!
Looking forward to crossing paths again in the future guys, and until then….mind yourselves!!

Some mages from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page!

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