I love tears at a wedding…..well, what I mean to say is that I love the type of tears that I see at weddings that resemble Rosie & Daniel’s tears!

These are two good people…..I met them a couple of days before their wedding and they left the strong impression on me that I would really enjoy their day. It’s ironic that Stephen (Deputy GM in Galway Bay Hotel) also pointed out this to me just before I met Rosie and Daniel…..”you’ll love these two”. I know it sounds bizarre… can you love someone when your just meeting them and shooting their wedding in a couple of days…what is there to love?

Well, I loved their ethos regarding their big day….it was simply about them enjoying it and not over analyzing things….wanting to enjoy/live their wedding day among family and friends…all the rest was simply “noise”.

The image above was taken amidst their vows ….fantastic promises that they each wrote individually yet for each other…..I must admit that there were a few heart strings being pulled when Daniel was saying his. It’s funny, the older I get, I find myself getting quite emotional during a lot of weddings and very much so for these vows. Daniel get’s choked up a bit and has to take a few seconds out to re-gather himself. I love this moment….it’s not lost on Daniel and he’s very much aware of what’s taking place…which has probably resulted in the tears. The tears tell me he has great awareness and isn’t rhyming of a few lines of script….he’s living/experiencing the moment…fair play Daniel, it was super to witness it!

The second image from this wedding is taken shortly after the previous one…..Daniel’s parents and his sister are welling up observing the moment too.

Although I shouldn’t speculate what’s going through their minds, I will and suspect that it’s tears of a proud and happy family….happy with the gentleman that they’ve raised and proud of the lady he’s marrying. Being a parent myself, I don’t take for granted that we’ll all be around for big days such as Rosie and Daniel’s…..and these are probably tears of happiness that they’re all there present witnessing such a marvelous occasion. Indeed they’re “Celebration Tears” in my opinion and this is why I like the image so much.

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