I enjoy working up in Belmullett a couple of times each year….in particular when the weather is good and we get to show off it’s landscape. Belmullet weddings are always fun!
The weather was dry and bright for Marisa and Adrian’s wedding….but there was nothing short of storm force winds bizarrely…winds that would blow you off your feet….but more about that later!
Belmullett is a bit of a spin for me….I’m on the road earlier than normal on wedding mornings when working there….and the fact that Marisa and Adrian had a 12.30 wedding, I was out pretty early. On the other hand, I love working weddings where it’s 12.30….couples have plenty of time to absorb their wedding day with family and friends and aren’t on the back foot rushing here and there unable to appreciate what’s happening to them….well done Adrian and Marisa regarding this, and I’m sure your day was pretty enjoyable as a result.
Calling to Marisa’s home on wedding morning, I received a lovely welcome from her parents Kathleen and Seán as well as the energetic bridesmaids Joanna, Maria, Avril, Olivia and Katie…all great girls who had their best sides out on Marisa’s big day and were a treat to be around.
Another treat on wedding morning was bumping into the gentleman that is Michael Clarke Videographer….a gentleman to work with on wedding days! We cross paths quite a bit for Belmullett Weddings and I thoroughly enjoy his company and indeed the chats we do have through out the day.
Marisa was the most beautiful of looking brides and looked truly stunning on wedding morning. Her frame of mind was equally as good as her looks….a treat to be around her and her positive and carefree attitude…indeed a recipe that bodes well for weddings!
The spin to the church in Glencastle was a pretty short one but I was surprised at the amount of wind that the elevated church was catching! Indeed many guests entering the church were losing their balance such was the strength of the gusts that were about!
Adrian was in a good frajme of mind too and we ran off shots with his groomsmen Declan, Seán, Padraig, Seán, Darragh and Shane……all good lads who had no problems strutting their stuff in front of the camera!
Glencastle church looked awesome on wedding day, and indeed it sounded pretty damn good too! Kayla McDonagh was responsible for this along with her accompaniment.
After the ceremony, we availed of the shelter of the church for some bridal and family portraits before the brave Marisa decided to try the beach for some portraits! It was pretty rough down there but we fond bits of shelter among the sand dunes. I’m grateful to Marisa and Adrian for their efforts here…and indeed that of their bridal party….everyone out having a bit of craic an enjoying the life event that we were all playing a part in.
The Broadhaven Bay Hotel was our next port of call! A great spot where David and his team look after family and guests so well. Another treat at the hotel was meeting up with the love Fiona Newell of Cascading Chocolate Fountains!
One of the first things I do when bumping into Fiona is rob some delicious Pineapple from her fantastic tray of goodies…it’s so delicious! I think Fiona’s services are brilliant for wedding guests and I was delighted to see Fiona offering a photobooth service later i the evening…something that seemed to go down very well with Adrian and Marisa’s guests! The good thing about Fiona’s photobooth is the privacy that guests experience…they can be foolish and let their hair down “literally”…but all in a private booth!
I thoroughly enjoyed your wedding day Marisa and Adrian, and indeed the company of your bridal party and families. From the moment I arrived in your home until I parted during the music, I felt it was a day that flowed brilliantly and judging by the chats you had with your guests, I’d imagine it was a day that you both absorbed and enjoyed.
Thanks so much for trusting me with your wedding photography and I’ll look forward to crossing paths with you in the near future!

Images from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page

Belmullet Photo Slideshow
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