A truly awesome wedding in the Glasson Country House Hotel….not just for the bride and groom, but also for her photographer (yours truly) and Conor Conlon of CMP Productions, and I’ll explain why a little later.

Zara and James were married in St Mary’s Church Drumlish in Longford. Zara’s preparations were at her parents home less than 10 minutes away from same. The omens were good when I arrived at her home, great to see Conor again working on the video side of things….we had worked together during the summer on Levi and Paul’s wedding and we were both pretty happy with how that day worked out! Similar weather too….lovely summer sunshine!

Zara had the four brilliant bridesmaids Rachel, Karen, Kelly and Larissa looking after her on wedding morning. They were just what you’d want from your bridal party on a wedding day….happy out and supportive to Zara….and also up for some craic!!

Make up artist Sarah Keogh and Hair Stylist Karen Conroy were responsible for having the ladies looking as good as they were, and they must be commended for doing their jobs in such a punctual way. This allowed both Conor and I to grab plenty of footage of Zara on wedding morning ( what will memories will be in years to come), and indeed gave us time to get to the church and meet up with James and his groomsmen.

Before I headed off to Drumlish, we got some footage upstairs in one of Zara’s bedrooms…a room with a view to die for. A wonderful balcony with the most wonderful bit of nature on display out the back. I know Conor had one of his drones flying capturing these moments and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of same.

James was accompanied by his groomsmen Padraig, Seán, Enda and Robbie at the church. Fair play to them, they were all punctual and allowed me plenty of time to grab some images before they greeted all the guests arriving.
The church looked awesome and fair play to Drumlish Flowers for having it look as good as it did.
Everything went swimmingly as far as the ceremony was concerned and we used the lovely landscape of the church grounds for the family portrait afterward. I’m a big fan of doing this on wedding days…it means your families can relax when they arrive back at the reception and there’s no stress in trying to get everyone in the same place at the same time…it sounds easy, but rarely is when done this way!

Conscious that we had a bit of a spin to get to Glasson, Zara and James decided to drive straight there and abstain from visiting any watering holes! Although I encourage bridal parties to absorb and enjoy their wedding day as much as possible, it’s also important to be realist about the length of time you have between the ceremony and the reception, and fair play to them, they were.

When we arrived at Glasson, we took a handful of photos with the bridal party directly out the back of the hotel before nipping off in the complimentary gold cart to avail of this most wonderful of landscapes.
Zara and James were simply very giving of themselves and indeed their time for the shoot. Zara was always class to deal with in the run up to wedding day, but she was also a very friendly, chirpy and very engaging bride too and it was simply a treat to be around her. James is also a gentleman. Although like most men, he wasn’t overly looking forward to the photography side of things, he applied himself 100% to it for the few minutes that we spent during the shoot and neither Conor or I had to waste any energy trying to cajole anybody to do anything. Given the weather we were experiencing, given the location that Glasson is (and in particular up behind the 14th tee box), and given the ethos that Zara and James had for the shoot, it didn’t get much better for Conor and I….really looking forward to Conor’s footage.
Thanks Zara and James for everything…your two troopers and I appreciate how much engagement we had on your big day!
Please God we’ll cross paths in the future again, and until then, mind yourselves!
Photos from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

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