Gabrielle & Caroline were recently married in the Galway Bay Hotel in Salthill.
They were very lucky in that they received beautiful summer sunshine weather and Salthill resembled the “Costa Del Salthill” than it’s usual self. I was so happy for them both as their initial plan was to go abroad and have a sunny beach wedding in 2019, but circumstances effected this and they moved it forward to summer 2018…and the weather gods definitely favored them ( and rightly so in my opinion).

I met Gabrielle and Caroline a few weeks before their wedding day, and immediately felt relaxed in their company along with their friend Noeleen. We chatted and the girls explained what they wanted from their big day and I took as much notes as possible. The one thing that I kept writing down was “family”, shots and noted how important they were to them….signs of a couple that have great awareness! After our meeting, we “hugged” it out and I looked forward to their big day.

When their wedding day came, I would be a liar if I didn’t mentioned that I was a small bit nervous. This was my first “same sex” wedding and although I get butterflies before every wedding, there were a few more of them today but they were brought under control pretty quickly.

I bumped into the gentleman that is Stephen Finn (wedding co-coordinator and now Deputy GM) and after a light hearted chin wag, we were off.

EV Shevlin (was Niland at the time of the wedding lol) from Beautiful Ambition and Triona Lyons looked after Gabrielle and Caroline on wedding morning, and as per usual they were great for banter, and always punctual and efficient for the brides.

Gabrielle and Caroline were showing no signs of nerves, and I think it helped them both to see their wedding guests on the veranda in the hotel absorbing the suns rays and indeed the beautiful view of Galway Bay that the hotel offers. There were having drinks and enjoying the “holiday atmosphere” and this positive energy was also picked up by the two lovely brides!

The multi talented Nichola McGuire was the ceremony celebrant, a good friend and we have good chats on wedding days when we cross paths. Nichola also has the gift of being a professional singer and she also sang for Gabrielle and Caroline’s ceremony too.

The ceremony was beautiful and there were several moments where the auld heart string’s were getting tugged at, not lest of all when Gabrielle’s dad John sang for the newly weds. From our ealier meetings, I knew how important this was to Gabrielle and it was pretty cool witnessing it!
After the ceremony, we took a stroll in the Memorial gardens next door to the hotel, such a beautiful place for photos. Gabrielle and Caroline also took a walk across the road on the Galway Prom, a majestic day for strolling same and given the fact that they had initial planned a foreign Mediterranean wedding, it was great to see them getting all of those opportunities on the Cost del Salthill.

The location of the Galway Bay Hotel is truly stunning. As the newly weds were strolling the Prom and the beach, their wedding guests were sipping champagne on the veranda in the hotel and able to absorb the fantastic views as well as sight of the brides at the same time.

We arrived back at the hotel with Gabrielle and Caroline having plenty of time to relax with their families and friends before the meal.

Guests were entertained by Nichola McGuire and her wedding band The Cosmonauts that night!

Thanks Gabrielle and Caroline for being two lovely “huggy” people. I thoroughly enjoyed your company and time we’ve met up and please God we’ll cross paths again in the future. I hope your happy with your albums and wishing you both and happy and healthy 2019!

Some Images below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

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