Laura and David’s wedding was a very memorable one to shoot……a lot of good vibes, a lot of love on display (….and family love too which was quite cool), great wedding suppliers, a super wedding venue and indeed a day where we were on the receiving end of some lovely Galway sunshine!
My morning started in Laura’s very welcoming home…thanks to Anne and Tony for the warm welcome! Sarah Holleran and Louise Jordan were responsible for beautifying Laura and her happiest of bridesmaids…and doing it all in a jovial and punctual manner…..always a terrific start to a wedding day when you have girls like them involved!
Jason Nolan was looking after Laura and David’s video side of things…a good guy, good team player and we also have good chin wags and enjoyed each others company through out the day…..indeed the omens were very good!
Michelle was the most approachable and happy out bride’s on wedding day…..I knew it would be like this prior to the wedding when we met up for a chat and plan about the big day. Laura and David seemed happy to let the day flow as much as possible and indeed trust their wedding suppliers….and this they very much did. Laura was totally at ease and chatting about everything and anything on wedding morning….so much so you’d wonder did she know that a “life event” was about to take place! Very happy with what I got on wedding morning, I made the spin into St Mary’s Church in the Claddagh to meet up with Dave and his groomsmen before the ceremony!

Wedding Ceremony Claddagh

David was marking Laura tightly in the “happy out” category….and indeed making my day so much easier as a result. They gave me time for photos before the ceremony and I’m grateful for the manner in which they did this… energy wasted trying to cajole people in getting some photographs (indeed what I was being paid to do), rather simply asking me what they could do for me instead….so lovely to be working among people like this…thanks guys!
Everything went according to plan with regards to the ceremony and fair play to Laura and her team for being punctual…..this would allow them plenty of time with family and friends back at the hotel as a result.
After the ceremony, we did the family portraits in the church before strolling across to the banks of the Corrib and grabbed some bridal portraits……the day was smashing and I love this area for photos…showing off Old Galway and some of it’s character.
We also took a stroll up Quay Street with the bridal party….something that’s become quite popular with newlyweds and indeed something I like doing. There’s a lot of goodwill extended to couples on their wedding days in and it’s a treat to observe same at close quarters. Laura and David also had their “first dance” as husband on wife on Quay Street…..indeed a busker providing the music and we had quite a large number of “guests” observing same! Everything about what we were experiencing was pretty cool, but it was made so much sweeter by the attitude of all of the bridal party…..they were all singing along with the busker (my apologies that I don’t know his name) and dancing too… many of the onlookers were feeding off their positive frame of mind….and I simply love being around this on wedding days!

Wedding Reception Hotel Meyrick

Hotel Meyrick was our final port of call….love working there and Paula and Mags are two great people….ultimate team players!!
I enjoyed mingling with Laura and David’s guests and grabbing more images with them…a lot of familiar faces and indeed past brides and grooms that I worked with. I also loved observing Laura and David’s extremely strong relationships with their families……ironically as I get older in life, it’s these moments that are pretty cool and indeed I get more of a buzz capturing them rather than a cliff top dramatic portrait!
I remember quite a bit about the speeches and once again the tight family bonds were on display…and indeed bringing the odd tear to some. Great to hear Tony and Gerard’s sharing about their kids as well as the witty speech by best man Ronan. Indeed I’m still laughing at the story of when he broke his leg and Laura’s reaction being “who will Dave drive the ball into now” line….quite funny stuff and apologies…you probably had to be there!!
Laura and Dave, thanks so much for trusting me with your wedding photography. It simply was a treat to be with you and your families on such a big day and thanks for being the wonderful people you were and indeed the way you and your bridal parties were so approachable with regards to the photography side of things….not all weddings are like that so I cherish them when I can!
Please God we’ll cross paths again in the future, and until then, mind yourselves!

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Some images from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page!

Hotel Meyrick Wedding Slideshow
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