Sharon & Shane’s wedding in the Clayton Hotel on a wet and windy April day in Galway

I don’t know if it’s being a parent, having a good upbringing, or simply being one of those people in life that doesn’t stress the small stuff…whatever the reason, Sharon and Shane were a delight to be with on their wedding day.
Fun, upbeat, cordial, witty are words to describe their attitude on wedding day.
Sharon’s preparations took place in my old home parish of Renmore…and i enjoyed the chats with her dad Tony on wedding morning about some of the older GAA heads that I knew from youth. Sharon’s sisters and bridesmaids Aoife and Michelle were happy out too along with the delightful Hailey…..indeed a great start to the day. Thanks also to EV Niland from Beautiful Ambition Hair Salon for having the girls looking awesome….and as punctual as ever…always a treat to cross paths with her!
Castlegar Church isn’t far from Renmore so I arrived in plenty of time to grab some images of the gentleman that is Shane and his groomsmen Gary & Peter. Good guys who enjoy a bit of banter and craic, everything going swimmingly!
The church looked superb too….mainly to the efforts of Claire from I Do candle Lighting…another superb wedding supplier who I seem to be crossing paths regularly with!
Padriac and Mary Walsh had Sharon and the girls traveling in style to the church…..Sharon and Tony arriving in a stylish Rolls Royce none the less….really looks the part at weddings!
I cross paths with Nicola McGuire regularly and she’s simply awesome. We know how each other works at this stage at weddings and after our customary greeting hug, eye contact and nods are all that are required for us to be singing from the same hymn sheet so to speak with regards to how the ceremony pans out. Nicola was accompanies by the legendary Rick Harris at this wedding…..a gentleman and an awesome guitar player.
After the ceremony, we used the shelter of the grotto
Two of the nice things about working in Castlegar are 1) Fr Michael, and 2) Eddie the sacristan….two team players! Eddie is brilliant at making wedding suppliers feel at home and can’t do enough for you on wedding day.
After Fr Michael’s entertaining ceremony, we used the shelter of the trees in the grotto for some family portraits before making our way into the Claddagh for some bridal portraits. The wind was gale force which made things challenging, but fair play to Sharon for wanting to stay there and get her photos in that spot…a hardy soul that doesn’t shy away from things….fair play Sharon!
The newlyweds stopped in their local “The Merlin” en route to the Clayton Hotel…lovely spot and a familiar place for her dad Tony!!
Karina, Carmel and Noel are super troopers in the Clayton…love working there with them….great communication and all team players!!
As the weather was so windy while we were in Galway, I’m grateful to Sharon and Shane for allowing me a couple of minutes either side of their dinner to grab a handful of shots in the comfort and shelter of the hotel….nothing was a hassle for them, and simply observing them with their guests, a man on a bike could see they have great mindfulness and awareness…they were truly enjoying the company of family and friends and seemed to have great gratitude for everything that they experienced on wedding day.

Your two good people guys and I truly enjoyed your company as well as that of your family and friends…I’ll look forward to crossing paths again in the future!

Photos from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page

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