Valerie & Ian were married on one of the wettest days we had this summer… was miserable, but my memories of it are very positive, quite the opposite of the weather!
I’d met Valerie a couple of years ago when I covered her sister Marie’s weddings….ironically the weather was the polar opposite of Marie’s, despite being at a similar time of year. In actual fact, i remember one of my cameras stopped working for a period of time when I left it on the ground (tarmac) outside the church….it practically melted with the heat, so you can see what I mean when I say that Valerie’s wedding was completely different.

Wedding Morning in Loughrea

John Murphy of Avalon Video was looking after Valerie and Ian’s video requirements…..I work a lot with John, enjoy his company and indeed we know each others habits/movements on wedding days which helps too. Another familiar face on wedding morning was the lovely EV Niland from Beautiful Ambition Hair Salon who was looking after Valerie’s hair. EV’s a class person to be around….a grounded individual who helps brides to relax on wedding days….and is brilliant at her job too!
Valerie is a fit lady… in many ways, but especially fit in that she has run over 40 marathons. Nothing but respect for anyone that completes a Marathon, but to have completed so many of them at such a young age is a massive achievement….well done Mrs!
Bridesmaids Marie (whose wedding I did a few years ago), Bernie, Lillian and Teresa were also in splendid form and added to the banter and craic that was very evident on wedding morning.

Wedding Ceremony Tynagh Loughrea

After Valerie’s preparations, we made the short spin to Tynagh Church which looked splendid. Fair play to Claire Kilcarr from I Do Candlelighting for her awesome work…top drawer material!
Ian and his groomsmen were inside the church availing of it’s shelter and warmth when I arrived and we ran off some shots with his groomsmen Gary, Michael Padriac and Graham before the prompt Valerie arrived shortly after.

Wedding Photography in The Quad in NUIG

After the ceremony, we used the warmth and shelter it offered us for the family portraits before spinning in the Quad in NUIG for some bridal portraits. The Quad is a great spot in that it’s dry and there’s no breeze under the arches and offers great comfort to bridal parties. Ian in particular was in mighty form in there and you’d almost forget that your working at a wedding such was the banter back and forth between us all.

Wedding Reception Salthill Hotel

The Salthill Hotel was our final destination….a place where I work quite a bit and the hotel is like a well oiled machine such is the volume of weddings it does.
I thoroughly enjoyed your wedding day Valerie and Ian….the weather wasn’t great but your attitude and positive frame of mind was lovely to be around, and indeed i enjoyed the craic and banter during all stages of the day.
I wish you both the very best and please God we’ll cross paths again in the near future. In the mean time, mind yourselves!!

Photos from the day below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

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