Really enjoyed Michelle and Noel’s wedding on New Years Eve!!
Wedding morning consisted of a very short spin to Michelle’s home where I received a lovely welcome from Bridesmaids Leanne, Ruth and young Aoibhinn as well as Michelle’s parents Mary & Dennis. The tone for a wedding day can sometimes be sensed when you arrive at a brides home, and the vibes were exceptionally good with Michelle and her family! Indeed I wasn’t long in the house when Michelle used her own camera for a photo with myself…..I think that’s a first for me and although I’m much more comfortable being behind the lens rather than being in front of it, it felt good to be made feel important! Michelle is simply a dote of a girl….the most appropriate compliment that I can give her is that I hope my two lads meet someone very much like her when the time comes….you got a good catch there Noel!
Mike Flannery was looking after the video side of things…..always have good chin wags when working with Mike!
The spin to St Mary’s Church in Headford took all of two minutes where I hooked up with Noel and his team of Mike, Brian and little Mike! The lads looked razor sharp in their Tux’s and they were in equally as good spirits as they ladies were in Michelle’s home!
Fr Patrick and Fr Ray were looking after the wedding….two lovely people…welcoming,warm and friendly…always a treat to work with them on wedding days.
I mentioned that the weather was changeable….heavy showers followed by some winter sun shine. As a result, we used the comfort and warmth of the church for some photos after the ceremony before making the spin to the excellent Radisson Blu Hotel in Athlone. We drove pretty swiftly with the result that we had a small bit of winter sunshine available to us and we used it as swiftly as we could. The Hotel has a majestic setting on the banks of the Shannon and fair pay to the staff who were great team players assisting us to make the most of our time before the bell was rung for the meal. Thanks to Michelle and Noel for their co-operation during this time…not one complaint about how cold it was ( was NYE after all) and very much pulling with Mike and I in order to get out job done.
There was a great celebratory atmosphere in the hotel and you could sense that the guests were up for a good night! One thing that I noticed and thought an excellent idea was the theme set up for each table. A clock along with a Country’s Flag were on display…and the idea being that each clock was set to the local time in that country…and therefore, when the clock hit midnight on each table (all at different times), the guests at that table had to jump up and celebrate like there was no tomorrow! I though this was brilliant…..speeches were interrupted by the shenanigans at each table and some of the celebrations would have you bent over sideways laughing…..indeed my last view of the function room before I headed home was the sight of a gentleman vertically challenged (just like myself) being given the “New Yeas Eve” bumps by his table mates…it was hilarious!
Thanks Michelle and Noel for being the troopers that you both were on wedding day. I thoroughly enjoyed your company….two good people who are a pleasure to be around and who were exceptionally accommodating with regards to the wedding photography.
Look forward to cross paths with you in the near future again!
Some photos of the day are below and a photo slideshow can be viewed at the bottom of the page



Wedding Radisson Blu Hotel Athlone
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