The people that mean everything to me!

I like to meet couples prior to shooting their weddings…it’s great not to be strangers on wedding day! Living about 25 minutes from Galway City, I appreciate it when couples make the time to call and chat…..we have a coffee and look at some slideshows and talk in general about experiences we’ve had at weddings and discuss ways of making the day as enjoyable as possible….these chats help us all.

I’m pretty lucky that I’m kept busy with wedding photography……so much so that I have to work a six day week to try and stay on top of running the business and give it the attention it requires. 2016 was a pretty busy year for me……too busy in actual fact and I struggled to stay on top of the weddings, studio portraits, commercial work and school photography that I’ve been doing for a number of years. The six days that I was working were quite often long days….in the office at 7am and not leaving it until midnight regularly, it can be like this for a few months of the year and it can be difficult to juggle all the balls at once.

All of this juggling caught up with me in November 2016 when I experienced a Stroke….a traumatic event and in particular for my wife and kids. Having the stroke was a massive wake up call to the ways in which I’ve been working and I have to look for better ways of looking after myself, which in turn will help me look after my family. We have three children that mean the world to us, and I’m annoyed with myself for the upset that they experienced when I was ill. They’re used to me meeting clients during unsocial hours and quite often putting meetings before them….and as a result of this I’ve always kept Sundays free for them…it’s our time with no interruptions…something that means everything to me.

The purpose of this blog is to explain the reasoning why I’ll always be “unavailable” to meet up with people on a Sunday. Sometimes it may be the only day that suits a couple to call…the only day where the two of them are off work together, the only time that they’re back in Ireland and available to call. While I’m conscious of the efforts they’re making coming to Headford, I’m also conscious now more so than ever of the importance of my time with my family and for that reason I’ll always be “unavailable” for meetings on a Sunday…simply because I’ll be spending it with those that matter most to me.

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