Documentary wedding photo from galway based photographer John McMahon
A father’s tears on his daughter’s wedding day.

This image resonates quite a lot with me!

This is Niamh and Paddy’s wedding last October (will be blogging about it in the coming days)….and it’s an image of Niamh’s dad Seámus just after giving Niamh away to her new husband Paddy and he’s returned to his seat and indeed the comfort of his wife Mairead.

I’m a dad myself and although I’m in my mid forties, I don’t take life for granted and assume that I’ll be in a position to walk my daughter up the aisle when/if the time comes. If I do, I think I’ll be a pretty emotional person.

I remember the day our Lauren was born….remember holding her in my arms in an isolation room as they treated her mum for her C-Section…..and it allowed me time to hold this little treasure and wonder what the future may have in store for us. Sixteen years on and I feel that being a parent is the most fulfilling thing life has to offer…..we’re so lucky to have three healthy children.

I think what takes place during the start of a wedding ceremony is almost a right of passage…..a dad handing his little girl over to her new husband. It’s stark reality that your little lady has now grown up and is a beautiful bride about to start a new chapter in her life.

The fact that Seamus is emotional tell’s me that his family is also everything to him….indeed Niamh shed a tear too at the top of the aisle. I know it sounds a bit silly but I love witnessing moments like this at weddings….they are content rich and I’m privileged to witness. I also love the comfort that Mairead offers her husband…..years and years together and still there for each other when needed.

What’s going through Seamus’ mind in all of this may be completely different to my own thoughts….but this is what I see when I look at this photos and I hope to be just like Seamus one day too!

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