I’ve a lot of weddings to write about from recent months, but finding the time amid a busy summer is quite difficult.
I’ve a lot of good memories from Annette and Shane’s wedding so their day is a good one to start off with which took place in the Diamond Coast Hotel in Enniscrone

Wedding Morning in Cong Mayo

Annette’s preparations were in Cong, just outside Galway (actually right on the Galway/Mayo border)and indeed the famous village where a lot of the John Wayne & Maureeen O’Hara film “The Quite Man” was filmed. I love this place….fantastic place for walks and an added bonus that it’s pretty close to where I live.
Annette is a beautiful person….calm yet focused, and doesn’t do “fussy”….good traits to have for anyone experiencing a wedding day. Her preparations took place about 5 mins from Cong church and I’m grateful to Annette’s family and her bridesmaids (as well of course as the charming Emily) for making it a relaxed and “happy out” place!
Indeed everything was going smoothly until the emotions got the better of Annette for a couple of moments after she received a gift with flowers from Shane….and a note that obviously meant a lot to her. Indeed I was in two minds whether to sneak a few images of Annette from outside her room when this was happening, as a photographer I didn’t want to cross a line of etiquette but decided to fire off a few images rapidly in the hope that Shane could see how much impact those words he wrote had on his wife to be.

Wedding Ceremony St Mary of The Rosary Cong

As mentioned, the ceremony took place in Cong church, and the beautiful location was complemented with superb music from Fionnuala Deacy who was accompanied by the awesome Frankie Colohan on guitar….their duets during a ceremony would truly make the hair on the back of your head stand up.
Some of the most majestic scenery in the West of Ireland is directly behind the church in Cong and this is where we shot the family & Bridal portraits….truly it’s a photographers dream….factor in the personas of Annette and Shane and it was a most enjoyable shoot for me

Wedding Reception Diamond Coast Hotel Enniscrone

We made the journey to the Diamond Coast in Enniscrone after our shoot. With heavy traffic in Ballina, it was touching 6pm when we arrived. I was so grateful that Mary Clarke was the wedding co-coordinator for this wedding……a few hotels would berate the photographer for arriving back at a hotel reception so late….they have a schedule too, and one of the most important parts of the day (the meal) is reliant on good communication on how the day was panning out. The customary hug and good wishes was Mary’s greeting….delighted that she understood the travel time involved and indeed she gave the wedding party almost an hour to relax before ringing the bell for the meal…..and this is one of the reasons why Mary and the Diamond Coast Hotel is a combination that brings a lot of wedding business to Enniscrone. They’re team players, focused on the needs of a bride and groom and were totally suited to the fantastic people that Annette and Shane are (and Emily of course).
Jillian, Deirdre, Fiona, Carmel, Adrian, Fionntan, Tommy & Brian, you were fantastic people to work with and be around and I truly appreciate your efforts with regards to the photography side of things.
Annette and Shane, I’m truly grateful to have recorded the photography side of your wedding day and I thank you for trusting in me with same.
Annette, we’ll cross paths at future Parent Teachers meeting I’m sure, and until then, mind yourselves and once again thank you!
Images from the day are below and a phto slideshow is available at the bottom of the page. More weddings from the Diamond Coast Hotel by clicking this link

Diamond Coast Hotel Wedding
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